Have You Mastered Eating Out?

by Angela Petrie

As many of you are aware I am NOT the celiac, but eat GF with Hannah. I have found that if I do eat gluten now I do not feel well and no longer “cheat” when Hannah’s not around. Yesterday I went to eat at Red Robin in Kelowna with a friend of mine. I advised the server that I could not eat gluten, passed her the restaurant card and asked that she give it to the chef. She returned the card to me and politely asked “what would you like to eat”.  Her responses to most of my requests were “I’m sure that has flour in it” so I settled on a salad.

When my meal came I quickly noticed I had no dressing. She told me she “was sure the kitchen didn’t want to make me sick and decided I could have NO dressing”. We finally settled on lemons, oil and balsamic vinegar. I came home telling Drew it was a waste of time and money as I felt like a nuisance to the restaurant (I really only have a gluten sensitivity, NOT celiac) and did not enjoy my meal. His response was “not a waste at all, we won’t even bother taking Hannah there in the future”.

Does this sound familiar? Hannah has had celiac for 2 ½ years and we still have not mastered the restaurant experience. When we do go out I am always waiting to see if she was “glutened” for a good day or two after our outing.
We will be asking members to take information to Restaurants, Home and Child care facilities and Culinary Arts programs.

If you have any ideas as to how we can celebrate awareness month, Contact Angela Petrie 250-868-3830 D_N_A@telus.net


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One thought on “Have You Mastered Eating Out?

  1. Hi Angela,

    I totally relate. I don’t feel I’ve mastered eating out yet, and have had a large percentage of times in the last year eating out, that I’ve been “glutenized.” It’s horrific, as I’m sure you know with Hannah. So I mostly don’t eat out anymore. Tonight, my boyfriend and I are going to eat out for our anniversary (I think at Cabana, hope it can cater to me!), so we’ll see how that goes!!


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