What is Cycling for Celiacs?

Cycling - File Photo
By Drew Petrie


Cycling for Celiacs is a special project initiated by the Edmonton Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association. This project is designed to raise awareness of Celiac Disease To help raise funds for research to help raise funds for service and support for those living with Celiac Disease.

The 10th Annual Cycling for Celiacs will consist of cyclist riding from Victoria, BC to Edmonton, AB from August 06 to August 16, 2009 raising donations for
research and awareness along the route.

The Route:
The Trek will cover approximately 1400 kilometres over 11 days starting in Victoria, travelling through the interior of B.C., across the Rocky Mountains to Calgary
and then up to Edmonton.

The Riders:
Who they are and why they’re riding. Check out the Bio section for more information on the riders. We have Drew Petrie riding from the Kelowna chapter! Pledge forms will be
available at the May 10th meeting!

Status Update:
I am in the final stages of preparing for the Vancouver Marathon at the beginning of May. My long runs are complete (longest day was 36 km) and I look forward to crossing the finish line of my 4th marathon on May 3rd. I view it as great preparation for the bike ride in August.

I am currently sourcing out a bike and hope to pick it up while I am in Vancouver next week. My cycling training days will begin shortly.  Approximately 45 people raised almost $700 at our meeting in March! My total raised to date is just under $1,000. The minimum I need to participate in the ride is $2,500. Angela plans to bring 1 or 2 bouquets of flowers to the meeting in May, which just happens to be on Mother’s Day, to raffle off with the funds raised donated to my ride. Angela has great taste so I am sure you will love whatever she brings to the meeting!

For anyone wishing to send us a pledge directly they can mail it to:

Drew & Angela Petrie,
2546 Packers Rd.,
Kelowna, BC,
V1W 2W6

Cheques are simply made out to Cycling for Celiacs – Long Ride.  Official receipts will be mailed to all donors.

Or make a donation  online.  The Cycling for Celiacs website is http://www.cyclingforceliacs.org/index.cfm. The donation button (“Donate Now through CanadaHelps.org”) can be found down the first page on the left-hand side just under the bold “Donate Online!”

As far as website donations go, donors should note down that their donation goes to Drew Petrie. This can be done on the first page of the donation process under the following field:
“Message/instructions for Canadian Celiac Association, Edmonton Chapter:”




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