Suggestions for a nice bowl of gluten free cooked cereal

By Marie Ablett

Here are a few suggestions from our members!

1. Rice Cereal

 I don’t know if this will be any better but I like it and my husband did and he wasn’t Celiac.  I use the hot rice cereal (3 measures to 1 of each other stuff) with a bit of yellow corn meal, ground flax, sometimes some buckwheat groats, and always a handful of raisins when nearly cooked.   The Bob’s Red Mill Hot cereal has a recipe on it too.    I never could enjoy quinoa as too gooey. 

2. Cream of  Rice or Brown Rice Cereal

 They are both good much like cream of wheat.  I also  add raisins, cinnamon and brown sugar before the milk!  I use 2 tablespoons of either rice cereal or course corn meal and add generous amount of cinnamon and a small handful of raisins.  Add in about twice the quantity of water and micro-wave for 2 minutes.  Stir and another minute or more depending on the strength of your micro.  Use quite a deep bowl as it sometimes will boil over in a shallow cereal dish. (I use a deep 4 cup measuring cup.)

 For more than one serving I would use an 8 cup measuring cup. I use every day to ‘nuke’ things that  might boil over in a regular bowl!  With Brown sugar and milk it is both palatable and cheap.  If it is too thick add a little more water/milk and stir well and add 30 second.

3. Buy it off the shelf

This winter the Fowler/Bagh family has been hooked on the prepackaged “Quinoa Dream” found at Nature’s Fare in Kelowna.  It is an Okanagan made product containing quinoa, millet, brown rice cranberries almonds and cinnamon.  Email the manufacturer at or call 250-275-3412.

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