West Kootenay Celiac Group Firing Up

Did you know that a Celiac group is trying to form in the West Kootenays?  That’s right!
Jane Merks held a meeting January 30th in Nelson with nine present and another meeting is set for February 23rd.
At the meeting the group discussed its broad purpose and future including the following:
  • to “educate” local restaurants re:  gluten-free food items on their menus
  • to increase awareness among doctors and hospital staff about gluten-free requirements of patients
  • to source out “true” gluten-free products and facilities  (eg.  bulk buying, grocery stores)
  • to compile a small, “user-friendly” gluten-free cookbook, either simply for member-sharing or to use as a fundraiser (eventually) to pass on information to members of the group about Celiac Disease, recipes and more
Format of Meetings
  • informal
  • cooking class (eg. sourdough baking using gluten-free flours)
  • speakers (eg. dietician)
  • participants research and share information relevant to  his/her specific interest areas

At present the group is deciding how formal it will be, and the possibility of becoming a Satellite of the Kelowna Chapter of CCA.

For more information about the West Kootenay Group email kootenayceliac@gmail.com or call Don Lyon at 250-505-2050.

Update: This article appeared in the local Kootenay press to promote the new group:

A Gluten Free Start for a West Kootenay Celiac Group

It is amazing what a little bit of support can do for you! When someone is diagnosed with celiac, an auto-ammune disease that attacks their small intestines, they are often overwhelmed by the diet restrictions. First you try to imagine having no wheat, barley or rye grain in your diet and then you find out that the grains are hidden in many products. While your doctor, a dietician or even the internet can provide information, having other celiac or gluten intolerant people to talk to is important.

Jane Merks of Balfour and Don Lyon of Nelson thought it would be a good idea to start a local support group. They wanted to share concerns and recipes, work with local restaurants about getting gluten free food items on their menus, and help source out “true” GF products. The first meeting was held on January 30th where the group was treated to samples from Maggie’s Gluten Free Kitchen while information about local restaurants, stores and books was discussed. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 23rd at 7 p.m. at the Public Health Office, 2nd floor of 333 Victoria St, Nelson across from the Public Library. For more information about this group, contact Jane at 250-229-4178 or Don at 250-505-2050 or emaiil kootenayceliac@gmail.com.


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