Celiacs Ask for Gluten-Free Communion Wafer

According to the Canwest News Service, members of the Canadian Celiac Association are calling on the Roman Catholic Church to provide a gluten-free alternative to the communion wafer.  The Church presently only offers a low-gluten wafer with .01% gluten.

Organizations around the world vary on what “gluten-free” is exactly but the typical range is 3 to 30 parts per million, a far cry from the Church wafer’s 10,000 parts per million.

According to the Church, gluten-free bread is not considered bread in Canon Law, so there has to be gluten in it.

However, the Church points out that there is a second option for Celiacs: receive “blood from the chalice.”  In the case of shared chalices, Priests may provide a second chalice for Celiacs to prevent cross-contamination.

Read the Canwest article for more details.


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