West Kootenay Celiac Group Minutes – February 23rd 2010

West Kootenay Celiac Group Minutes
February 23rd 2010 at 333 Victoria St
Attended by: Jane, Don, Lynda, Linda, new members: Kim, Jackie, Marilyn

1. Introductions
2. Correspondence
  • Regrets: Nell p, Jane + Sarah G, Karen, Twyla, Shirley
  • Inquires from 6 new people (2 by phone)
  • Other email from: Ellison Market – plan on doing a Gluten Free sale soon. sale on Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free oats this week
3. Lynda – reported on sourdough bread inquiry, she will start experimenting with sorghum floor soon!
4. Jane – we got an email from Outer Clove restaurant – they are interested in working with us to develop GF recipes. Jane will start working on a plan to approach the Nelson restaurants (to begin with) once she’s back in April.
A number of members reported enjoying the GF pizza at Twisted Tomato on Baker St, Nelson Going out of town and want to know where to eat or shop? check out: GF awareness program – http://glutenfreerestaurants.org/ and the gluten free registry http://www.glutenfreeregistry.com/
5. Jackie – reported on the Gluten free cooking class at the Kootenay Co-op – Margaret Engelbert Jones
did a great job!
6. Name of group – West Kootenay Celiac Group was adopted after discussion
7. Don will look into working with stores and GF products
8. Getting the word out
  • Jane sent short article to 11 papers, and posted info on 8 on-line calendars/sites
  • Don put up flyers again this month
  • Lynda will get info on people who write health columns in papers and report back next meeting

9. Funding meetings
  • room rental is free
  • drop-in toonie will be collected so we can have tea/coffee at meeting
  • currently laser printing + photocopying is being covered by Jane and Don
  • for those without email – we’ll try putting a binder in Nelson library soon, and establish email/phone buddy system
10. Canadian Celiac Association – Don will be the liason
11. Next Meeting:
Don will try get meeting room for Saturday April 10th at 1 pm stay tuned for an email from him (he will take over email acct and publicity while Jane’s away)

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