Gluten-Free Kids – Party Food Ideas

by Heather Quinn

One of the challenges we have encountered recently is how to party gluten-free. When Kate goes to birthday parties or we attend holiday get-togethers we are finding it a challenge to ensure that we have gluten-free food available for her. Some of the ideas we have learned along the way are:

  • Ordering Dairy Queen ice cream cakes (minus the chocolate cookie layer).  We found that the dozens of design choices are very appealing to kids. There are three sizes, we went for the middle round size “Hello Kitty” cake for Kate’s 4th birthday it was more than enough and a big hit with the kids.
  • Something we tried for New Year’s was a chocolate fondue. Basically fruit dipped in chocolate, the adults and kids thought it was a great treat!
  • Koala Krispy (Cereal) Squares – we took a container full to a holiday potluck and had the kids put their own red or green sprinkles on top.
  • We thought long and hard about what might be a kid friendly gluten-free dinner recently and came up with Tacos. Although a bit messy, Kate and her friends enjoyed creating their own gluten-free dinners.
  • Another kid-friendly snack or appetizer we have done is fruit kabobs. Kids can build their own kabob and dip it in yogurt. It’s not so good for younger kids because of the poke-factor but a good activity for the right group.
  • Although not the healthiest, when we realised that both types of Cheesies are gluten-free we were pretty excited easily recognisable for kids and something that is often available at parties.

If you have your own GF party ideas please send them along:


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  1. I came across this in a google search. My little brothers birthday is coming up and we are trying to get him a gluten free cake he can enjoy. Will Dairy Queen really make a cake without the chocolate cookie layer? Does the cake still taste delicious and have the fudge? I really like the idea that way he doesn’t feel like he can’t eat his favourite type of cake!

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