Continental discontinuing gluten-free meals

Courtesy the Suffolk County Celiacs Newsletter

Continental Airlines is discontinuing gluten-free meals on international flights.

If you are interested in writing to the CEO about this problem – feel free to make your concerns heard!

Send your e-mail to:
Mr. Jeffery A. Smisek, CEO
You can send the text below or compose your own.

Dear Mr. Smisek,

I understand that Continental is discontinuing offering gluten-free meals on international flights. I really don’t understand this new policy. I understand that you are keeping the vegan selection. Vegan is usually a CHOICE. People needing a gluten-free diet do not have a CHOICE – a gluten-free diet is the ONLY treatment for celiac disease.

There are about 2.5 million people with celiac disease in the U.S., 95% of whom have not been diagnosed yet – so the GF “market” is growing. Celiac Disease is a genetic, autoimmune, digestive disorder where gluten damages the surface of the small intestine and promotes inflammation, resulting in malabsorption of nutrients necessary for the whole body.

The bottom line is that for long international flights we need to have safe gluten-free meals available. Security concerns, custom regulations, and suitcase weights disallow food – enough food for both legs of the flight to and back. There are also few safe choices after Security to take gluten-free food onto the plane.

Please re-evaluate this policy in discontinuing the gluten-free meal option. You are creating an awful scenario for celiacs traveling abroad.

Thank you!


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