Celiac disease – a news round-up

I’m a regular “Googler” when it comes to Celiac Disease.  The internet makes it so easy to find interesting articles and updates.  Here are a list of articles that peaked my interest in the last few weeks I thought I’d pass on.

Many confuse allergens and celiac disease
ROCHESTER, NY, April 9 (UPI) — A US survey indicated that many US adults are confused regarding the difference between food allergies and celiac disease.
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Gluten Sensitivity Beyond the Gut
Celiac disease, an intestinal gluten sensitivity, is well known. But mounting evidence now links gluten sensitivity with problems in the nervous system
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Most Children with Celiac Disease Have Atypical Symptoms
Celiac.com 03/18/2010 – An international research team recently conducted an assessment of the nutritional status of children with newly diagnosed celiac
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Celiac Disease Shows Similar Presentations in Elderly and Young Adult Populations
Celiac.com 03/12/2010 – A team of researchers recently noted similar presentations of celiac disease in both elder and younger patients.
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New Gene Study Gives Clues to How Celiac Disease Starts
About – News & Issues (blog)
Last year I wrote about celiac disease researcher Dr. Cisca Wijmenga, from University Medical Center and the University of Groningen in The Netherlands,
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10 foods for the future
Vancouver Sun
Gluten-free cuisine: At one time, fear of gluten was confined to people with celiac disease, but there are increasing numbers with wheat sensitivities.
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A new medication for celiac disease aimed to reduce intestinal damage
A new treatment is being researched for celiac disease that will include an oral medication called Larazati. Clinical trials have just been completed and
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Onset of Gluten Intolerance Linked to Virus Infections
A new research suggests that virus infections may be a contributing factor in onset of gluten intolerance (celiac disease.) Gluten intolerance is an
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Gluten-Free iPod Applications
Celiac.com (blog)
systemic scleroderma, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, obstructive sleep apnea, beginning neuropathy, and have just been found to have the celiac HLA type: DQ8.
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Gluten Intolerance In Finland Doubles
AHN | All Headline News
Gluten intolerance, or celiac disease, is an inherited autoimmune disease in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged from eating gluten and other
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Infectious Disease Not Linked to Future Celiac Disease Children with infection
22 (HealthDay News) — Children with an infectious disease at the time of gluten introduction do not appear to have an increased risk of developing celiac
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