Yummy gluten-free summer treats

Moo licks in Kelowna offers gluten-free cones. (Photo: Google Streetview)

By Angela Petrie

The warm weather is approaching which means ice cream. We love going to Moo Lics downtown and a nice little bonus is the fact that they supply gluten-free cones! Now that we are doing the no dairy thing I’m hoping there will be a soy substitute that will work. That remains to be seen.

In the interim I headed down to Nature’s Fare on the hunt. I was delighted to find a lot of options available. Not so delighted on the price mind you but that’s another story. They carry “So Delicious” products and can report that the chocolate velvet ice cream and Minis bar (made from coconut milk), the equivalent to a Revel, are very good. So good in fact, Hannah asked me to keep buying them even if she is allowed to eat dairy again.

Another I have bought, but have yet to try is the Tofutti Totally Fudge bars. They look delicious but the ‘no gluten added” comment on the front of the box makes me nervous. I always have good intentions of calling the company right away but usually get lost in another task. I am quick to get on it when Hannah comes running up, all excited, asking if she can have it. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Another smile for all of us was discovering Earth Balance buttery flavor spread. Again, the kids are asking if we can just stick to this product even if she is allowed to have dairy again. It has worked great for baking, ‘butter for dinner and breads’ and tastes great on popcorn!

The final smile was learning that the Pamela’s chocolate cake and icing was still okay. This was timely as she just celebrated her 6th birthday on Saturday. All her friends in kindergarten enjoyed them this morning.

I’ll end this post with the defeat I suffered over the weekend. I spent 3 hours Friday morning making mini muffins for lunches all this week. They tasted great when fresh out of the oven. However, they were hard as hockey pucks when they were served to me during the breakfast in bed portion of my Mother’s Day. As any good mother does I smiled and told them how lovely they tasted. I tried to rationalize the panic in my brain at that moment by telling myself the girls simply over-reheated them in the microwave. No such luck! Hannah came home from school this morning telling me that they were so hard she couldn’t even bite into them. Damn! The first batch worked just fine. I’m not sure what happened and am not inclined to try them again. That is a lot of expensive ingredients and time that are going into the garbage. Oh well, if we are given the all clear on eggs again I’ll be able to make them the old fashion GF way and they should be fine.

The other daily battle is getting Hannah to drink the smoothie full of the supplements she needs to take to repair her tummy. It is a battle that some days I just can’t face. I try to make a game out of it (i.e. I think you’ll finish it in 2 more gulps, what is your guess?), we divide it up over breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes I’ll take a few sips (she thinks) to ‘help’ her. Other times I just feel like yelling (but don’t) just drink the damn thing already!

It was a great week for awareness at Choices over the weekend. I’ll fill you in on the details in my next post.

Angela Petrie is a gluten-free consultant. She can be reached at 250-863-8123 or check out her website at www.glutenfreehelp.ca


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