Old Dutch gluten-free products

The following Old Dutch products do not contain wheat, including spelt and kamut, or oats, barley, rye or triticale or any part thereof and therefore are considered Gluten-Free:

However, some of these products (corn) are produced on the same line as products containing wheat.

Complete cleaning and sanitizing are performed prior to running a non- gluten product.

  • Old Dutch Baked Crisps, Creamy Dill Crisps and Salt and Vinegar Crisps
  • Humpty Dumpty Cheese Sticks
  • Old Dutch Regular Potato Chips
  • Old Dutch Dutch Crunch Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar (Malt is simulated)
  • Old Dutch BBQ Potato Chips
  • Old Dutch Dutch Crunch Mesquite BBQ
  • Old Dutch RipL Potato Chips
  • Old Dutch Rip-L Lightly Salted
  • Old Dutch Dutch Crunch Jalapeno and Cheddar
  • Old Dutch Rip-L Sour Cream and Green Onion
  • Old Dutch Rip-L Smokey BBQ Chips
  • Old Dutch Rip-L Creamy Dill
  • Old Dutch Rip-L Mexican Chili
  • Old Dutch Salt ‘n Vinegar Potato Chips
  • Old Dutch Ketchup Potato Chips
  • Old Dutch Sour Cream ‘n Onion Potato Chips
  • Old Dutch Crispy Bacon Chips
  • Old Dutch Arriba Nacho Cheese
  • Old Dutch Arriba Zesty Taco
  • Old Dutch Cheddar and Sour Cream Chips
  • Old Dutch Arriba Jalapeno&Cheddar
  • Old Dutch Onion & Garlic Potato Chips
  • Old Dutch All Dressed Potato Chips
  • Old Dutch Regular Corn Chips
  • Old Dutch Dill Pickle Potato Chips
  • Old Dutch BBQ Corn Chips
  • Old Dutch Restaurante Original Tortilla Chips
  • Old Dutch Bac’n Puffs
  • Old Dutch Restaurante Bite Size Tortilla Chips
  • Old Dutch Restaurante Deli Round Tortilla chips
  • Old Dutch Restaurante Crispy Round Tortilla Chips
  • Old Dutch Restaurante Salsa Spoons Tortilla Chips
  • Old Dutch Restaurante Sea Salt & Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips
  • Old Dutch Cheese Pleesers
  • Old Dutch Popcorn Twists
  • Old Dutch Premium Cheese Flavoured Popcorn
  • Old Dutch White Cheddar Popcorn
  • Old Dutch Nacho Crunchys
  • Old Dutch Popcorn Twists
  • Old Dutch Restaurante Salsa (Mild & Medium)


Belinda Simms

Consumer Care Representative, Old Dutch Canada


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8 thoughts on “Old Dutch gluten-free products

  1. It REALLY bugs me when things are labeled gluten-free when they’re produced on the same line as gluten containing products. It means I have to call ALL companies now, even on items marked gluten-free. We cannot eat products made on the same line as gluten products, because they ALWAYS contain traces of gluten. The cleaning thing is a LOAD of crap. Literally, once I eat it. So thanks for nothing Old Dutch.

    • Items that are labeled as gluten-free must contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten. Which is generally not harmful to celiacs.

  2. If there is no wheat in the product, then why doesn’t the bag say ‘wheat-free’? I’m not buying it. Literally and figuratively. Wheat is the most destructive thing a person can eat. Amylopectin-A and Gliadin are killing people.

    • wheat is one of the grains that are know as gluten-containing… therefore when a product says “gluten-free” it also means… “wheat-free”!!!

  3. If Old Dutch is cleaning and sanitizing the line prior to running these products (which they have taken the time to formulate for people with a gluten allergy) then why not assume that they are taking every precautionary measure nessasary in order to do so. Aside from opening up a whole new factory, how else shall it be done? I can assure you, there is not a place on the planet that does not have a trace of air bourne gluten floating through it. It is the same as dust which is harmful to us all, or pollution. You may not see it…but it is there! I’m very sorry if this sounds like I am taking the gluten allergy lightly. My son has celiacs. The rest of our family does not. Should I buy another toaster just for him? That’s what was reccomended at the time of diagnosis, along with a long list of do’s and don’ts. Some which were reasonable, some not! He can eat these g-free old dutch products…without an issue! I find that many who are diagnosed with celiacs disease might take it a bit too far. It is a controllable allergy. And as the nurse who helped diagnose our son said, “it is the best ‘disease’ you can get!” This whole cross-contamination-airbourne stuff…in my own opinion and in the opinions of friends of mine who also have tested positive for celiacs is the perfect example of taking it too far! Let’s not diminish the attempts that brands like Old Dutch has gone out of its way to create for celiacs people. After all, it’s tough to find tasty g-free products. It’s the newest, biggest allergy craze these days. People take it upon themselves to make rules and use scare tactics to grow this new g-free industry into booming business. Don’t be fooled! Just do your utmost to eat g-free and protect your own body or those whom you love. If people with Celiacs keep over analyzing and critisizing brands like this one, our g-free options are going to become quite limited. Are you really sick because you ate some g-free chips made in the same facility as wheat products, or did knowing it in the first place make your tummy upset. There is a strong connection between what we think and our digestive systems! Sorry to offend! My own personal opinion! Let’s be balanced people! Do what’s right for you!

    • Celiac is a disease not an allergy! Some people can get seriously ill from cross-contamination (which is not typically air borne, it is from minuscule crumbs on machinery or utensils) I know people who have eaten something without checking the “may contain” list, they then got sick and went back to check the ingredient list again and found “may contain wheat”. I am not denying the fact that your mind and digestive system is connected, I’m just trying to state the other half of the argument! Celiac is very serious. If one is to get contaminated it can cause cancer, infertility, and malnutrition.

  4. I tried the dill pickle old dutch today and I’m doubled up with pain so bad. So I’m not to thrilled at all and there is no way it was anything else that I ate today.

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