Minutes from June 8 West Kootenay Celiac Group

West Kootenay Celiac Group – Minutes and Notes from the June 8th meeting

Attended by Jane, Don, Nell, Barb, Gene, Marilyn, Donald, Linda,
newest member Jean and guest Dr. Brenda Gill

Special thanks to Nell for publicizing the meeting.

The new brochure “West Kootenay Gluten Free Restaurant Guide” was launched. Fifteen restaurants and 4 cafes are listed so far out of over 25 places originally approached. We know there are more restaurants out there that have GF options and they will be approached and given information as time goes on. We need volunteers to help. The next step is to secure a way to pay for this project to continue so a larger number of brochures can be printed and a decal produced. At this point Jane has spent about $30 in materials. We are considering asking restaurants to volunteer to contribute 10 to 15 dollars towards the project. Each restaurant is given handouts about CD, cross contamination and good kitchen habits.

A pdf file of the brochure is included – feel free to print it out and pass it on. Don will bring some to the tourism office in Nelson.

Dr. Gill, a Naturopathic Doctor who practices in Nelson and Rossland discussed how she diagnoses new patients. Her bio states “My philosophy is to spend sufficient time and personal attention, through the use of a detailed history, questionnaires, specialized tests and inquiries to fully understand all the factors that may be affecting your health. To achieve your optimum level of well-being will require recognition of the factors taxing your immune system, which could include your diet, rest, exercise or work habits, environmental factors, et cetera.”

Here’s just a few of the interesting points she passed on to us.
– she considers all oats a no-no for people with CD
– often other grains (not just wheat, rye and barley) can be a problem
– if using other grains, switch them up, don’t use just one
– the Kootenay Co-op has a good brochure listing there GF foods and will show you around
– Ferrero’s store in rossland has good GF products
– she has a new product called ‘digest gluten plus’ an enzymes that can be taken before and after a meal (great for those times you are not sure what that potluck will have!)
– use solid coconut oil (in the co-op fridge section) instead of butter
http://www.nutritionmeals.com/ has great recipes

Her offices are:
Box 1841. Rossland, B.C., V0G 1Y0 phone: 250- 362-5035.
and 601 Lake St. Nelson, B.C., V1L 4C7 phone: 250-352-3150

Thanks Brenda!

Our next meeting will be planned for September! stay tuned.

Click for a PDF version of the final brochure.


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  1. I would not suggest that taking a digestive enzyme is a good idea. You could still be doing damage to your gut and not know. I would stay away from all of these produces.

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