Neural therapy for Celiac Disease

By Dr. Brett Barlow

In the last column we investigated the use of Intravenous Nutrient Infusions for the treatment of Celiac Disease and Wheat Sensitivity. We learned that IV therapies have five main advantages over oral supplementation for digestive system conditions of malabsorption. Nutrients administered intravenously can be given in much higher doses than via oral administration, are 100% absorbed, bypass metabolism in the liver, can be given in very specific combinations to treat very specific aspects of health, and are in the long run very cost effective due to their potency. This week we will examine the use of Neural Therapy to treat Celiac Disease and Wheat Sensitivity.

Neural Therapy is one of the treatments I use most in my practice because it is a method of treatment that works with the nervous system (neural means nerves). More specifically it works with the autonomic nervous system, which is the wing of the nervous system that is not under conscious control. It is the part of the nervous system that controls things like heart rate, digestion, liver metabolism, breathing, kidney perfusion, and the function of other organs. Neural Therapy can help restore optimal function of these organs by supporting optimal function of the nerves sending information to and from them.

In most Celiac Disease and Wheat Sensitivity cases the autonomic nervous system is not functioning optimally, especially around the organs of the digestive system. This is because these organs have been continually aggravated with exposure to wheat and gluten over years or decades. Once diet has been improved Neural Therapy can be a very effective way to restore healthy function of the organs of digestion.

Neural Therapy is also known as German acupuncture because it is a therapy largely developed in Germany and it utilizes many Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture points. However, instead of using acupuncture needles it employs therapeutic injections of the acupuncture points with homeopathic medicines, B vitamins, and local anesthetics like procaine. Both acupuncture and Neural Therapy can be used to support the function of the stomach, pancreas, small intestine, colon, liver, and gall bladder. However, I have found that Neural Therapy often works faster because it utilizes therapeutic injections into the acupuncture points. Restoring the health of these organs is of utmost importance for people with Celiac Disease and Wheat sensitivity and Neural Therapy is the treatment I use most to achieve this.

Scar tissue formation is another major issue for many people with Celiac Disease or Wheat Sensitivity. The most significant cause of scar tissue for these patients is surgery. Gall bladder removal, exploratory laparoscopy, appendectomy, hysterectomy, and C-section scars are extremely common and often prevent optimal function of the organs near the scar tissue. Neural Therapy is the most effective treatment for Scar tissue because it can break down scar tissue and restore the nervous system conduction through the tissue. This improves the function of the nearby organs by improving the information flowing to and from these organs.

Neural Therapy is a very cost effective form of treatment because long term restoration of the nervous system, scar tissue, and organs can be achieved with relatively few treatments. This usually means that less supplementation and other treatments are required. Most people prefer taking fewer supplements and Neural Therapy is a very effective way to get results with less supplementation.

The most important part of treatment for Celiac Disease and Wheat Sensitivity is the avoidance of wheat and gluten-containing foods. However, doing that alone is not enough to restore optimal health in most cases. Neural Therapy in conjunction with Intravenous Infusions, and some specific supplementation makes the most effective treatment protocol to treat Celiac Disease and Wheat Sensitivity and promote optimal health.

In the next column we will examine the most important oral supplements for the treatment of Celiac Disease and Wheat Sensitivity.

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