National President’s message for July 2010

by Janet Dalziel, National President of the CCA

Many of you know Joan Tuckey as a CCA volunteer extraordinaire and recipient of the Kaye Ernst Award in 2009 for her many years of service as the webmaster and creator of the site. Her most recent claim to fame was as the official photographer of the 2010 Celiacs at the Centre of it All conference in Winnipeg. Her colleagues in the Edmonton Chapter will attest to her many hours of always cheerful work as their webmaster and newsletter editor. You will be very sad to learn that she collapsed while on holiday in Ontario in late June, was in a coma for many days and has only recently started on the road to recovery. Her husband and our Past President Kenn has been by her side the whole time, living out of a suitcase. I know you join me in wishing Joan and her whole family a speedy recovery.

Our Guy Does Well!

Last year we sponsored an athlete for the very first time and he was very proud to wear our logo on his jacket. When he raced in Whitehorse in the Yukon, I contacted a few members there to recommend shops and restaurants with GF food for him. And now he has been promoted to the national team. I thought that cross-country ski racers would take a break in the summer but I was wrong. Here, in his own words, is Dudley Coulter’s report from mid-July:

Dear Sponsors and Supporters;

Since I was given a spot on the National Team Development Centre back in May, a lot has been accomplished. We kicked off the year with our new teammates in a “boot camp” which involved heavy training hours along with a different test everyday, whether it be lactate testing or critical speed test. Over the month of June I finished off full time work so I could save a bit of money, and am now down to 2 days a week, relying on my great sponsors. As a write this, I am sitting on the deck out in the sweaty beautiful sun looking onto a huge marsh. This is where the team and I will be for the next week as we are doing an over the border training camp in Hayward, Wisconsin. I am scheduled to complete 23 hours of training throughout this week which will involve running, ski bounding, rollerskiing, agility, plyometrics and lots of stretching. This is my fifth time to Hayward, and I just love it. For those of you who don’t know Hayward is located about 7 hours southeast of Thunder Bay. Hope everyone enjoyed their first month of summer!


Dudley Coulter


Appointments to the Professional Advisory Board

It’s great to be able to welcome dietitians Jacquelin Gates from Calgary and Danielle Moore from Montreal to the ranks of our Professional Advisory Board. Both have volunteered for many years for their local chapter and bring a wealth of relevant experience with them.

We are also welcoming Dr. Donald Duerksen to the PAB. He is an adult gastroenterologist, past recipient of the JA Campbell research award and, most recently, a presenter at our conference in Winnipeg. We are very lucky to have these enthusiastic volunteers join our PAB and it is a credit to our longstanding PAB members that this is a club to which people want to belong.

Changes to the New Member Kit

At our June board meeting, we voted to replace the current version of our New Member Kit with the new publication Celiac Disease for Dummies. A comparison of the two showed that the medical information in the Dummies book was superior to our own work, more complete and up to date. Our Education Committee, which is responsible for updating the CCA publications, is already busy with other work and agreed that this book would, despite its title, provide great information and a sense of comfort to the newly diagnosed. Our kit will continue to include the Pocket Dictionary and also supplemental information on celiac disease for teenagers, for seniors and for school children, since these topics are not covered in the book. We will no longer print the spiral-bound CCA booklet, which we knew would run out during the summer. We have entered into an agreement with the Dummies publishers to provide the book to us at an excellent price and with a CCA sticker on the cover. New members will see that they are receiving great value for their membership fee. We will also sell the book, at a discount, from our website.

Watch for more developments soon as we explore a relationship with to bring many other publications of interest to celiacs under our wing.

Membership Challenge

I will take this opportunity to remind everyone of the current chapter challenge to increase membership. At our meeting in June, I announced a challenge and contest to all of the chapters to increase our membership. Our financial well-being depends on it and both the national office and the chapters benefit when our current members remain and our new membership grows.

Do whatever it takes in your area to encourage people to renew and entice people to join. Events such as food fairs bring in new people; events where the home test kits are offered are also attractive. Think outside the regular meeting box and try something new and different for your area; use our awareness materials for posters and advertising; contact your local community newspapers; plan to welcome new people with open arms and the best information on CD and DH there is.

There are two prizes of travel, accommodation and registration for one at the 2011 conference in Ottawa to be won. In an effort to make the contest fair for both large and small chapters,

  • one prize will be awarded to the chapter that increases its membership by the largest number of people between June 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010, and
  • one prize will be awarded to the chapter that increases its membership by the largest percentage between June 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010.

I hope you and your team are feeling inspired. Let the race begin!

Charlottetown Chapter Is No More!

At the request of the Charlottetown Chapter, the board approved its change of name to the Prince Edward Island chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association. Long live the Prince Edward Island Chapter!

The CCA Is Moving

Literally, we are moving on. The lease for the national office in Mississauga is up in October and our current digs are neither particularly comfortable nor well set up for our purposes. We need a little more space, since we currently rent off-site storage, and a different configuration. Negotiations are in progress to move to another location close by where the costs are comparable and the amenities are nicer. We’ll let you know as soon as all the papers are signed.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of our precious summer, no matter what the weatherman brings your way.

Janet Dalziel


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