Celiac Disease can kill you

By David Fowler

This is not exactly the most cheery topic for sufferers and their families, but it is important to remember that untreated Celiac Disease is more than a quality of life issue, it’s life threatening.

John Libonati is the Founder of Gluten Free Works and wrote the following blog post in 2008:

1. Dehydration – Extreme damage to the intestinal lining can lead to death through dehydration.  In this case, the lining that is supposed to hold water in your body no longer functions.  The gut actually pulls water from your body.

2. Malignancies – Malabsorption of nutrients or consistent damage to cellular structures leads to cancers: lymphoma, leukemia, intestinal, esophageal, etc.

3. Pregnancy complications – Nutrient deficiencies can lead to cardiomyopathy in the mother or birth defects in the fetus from folic acid deficiency, protein deficiency, etc.

4. Immunodeficiency – A weakened immune system can allow common illnesses to become deadly – the flu for example.  Other illnesses normally fought off, are not.

5. Autoimmune diseases – Celiac disease, if not diagnosed and treated early, causes the body to react to other things in the body.  As the body tries to unsuccessfully attack and remove gluten (because the person keeps eating it), the immune system stays on a heightened alert and starts attacking other things.

6. Malnutrition – Any health problem that comes from malnutrition of any one or more nutrient that can lead to death can be caused by celiac disease.

Of course, the cure is a life long gluten-free diet.  For those of you uncertain if you have Celiac Disease, use this as your motivation to get tested.


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One thought on “Celiac Disease can kill you

  1. My wife was diagnosed with Celiac disease about three years ago by a foreign doctor who took a culture of her intestines. I then began to read about this disease and found that few U.S. doctors have knowledge of it. I also found that only when U.S. dentists discover a patients teeth falling apart is usually when a patient discovers they have it. This happened to my wife only 6 months after being diagnosed. She had beautiful teeth that began to explode and crumble in her mouth. I also found out that early signs of the disease are lactose intolerance and thyroid problems, both of which my wife had also. We did not take it seriously and now she is losing weight fast. Because she was not absorbing nutrients since she was born, and her body could not produce the chemicals needed so BiPolar disorder is another thing my wife developed. The U.S. needs to inform people that this disease may be the cause of most all other diseases, but I feel they don’t because they would lose too much money. Also, there needs to be stores that stock only Glutein free products because I feel many have this and don’t know where to get food. Why are U.S. doctors so uninformed about this?
    Husband &child losing wife

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