Celiac Disease on the web, the best articles in August 2010

By David Fowler

I love Google Alerts.  Google Alerts allow you to receive an email daily or any time a particular a search term appears in the news.  Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, it had been a great resource as my alert searches for “Celiac Disease”.  Most days there and three or four new articles, most of which are introductions to Celiac Disease.  Every so often, there are gems.  Below is my gem list collected over the last month.  I’ll keep sharing them as I come across them.

Beware: ‘Gluten-Free’ Foods are Often Contaminated
Food Consumer
Gluten, a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley, wreaks havoc in people with celiac disease, triggering an immune reaction that damages the
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Understanding the gluten-free consumer
Food Business News (registration)
by Jeff Gelski CHICAGO — The gluten-free food market represents a growth opportunity for manufacturers as consumers with celiac disease and other
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Reproductive life disorders in Italian celiac women. A case-control study.
7thSpace Interactive (press release)
The aim of this study is to explore the association between celiac disease and menstrual cycle, gestation and puerperal disorders.
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3 Ingredient Gluten-Free Pie Crust
I have a few people that are close to me with celiac disease, therefore I am constantly coming up with “gluten free” recipes. Nice to meet you!
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Gluten-free Section at August 31st Mariners Game
News-Sports.net (press release)
News-Sports.net – Aug 12,2010 – Baseball fans with gluten intolerance and Celiac disease will have the chance to safely indulge in some traditional ballpark
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Health Tip: Signs that You May Have Celiac Disease
(HealthDay News) — Celiac disease is a digestive condition that usually damages the small intestine and interferes with nutrient absorption.
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‘Oops, we made an error,’ patient told after given gluten-laced meal
Ottawa Citizen
Don MacMillan, a patient at The Ottawa Hospital who is recovering from having a tumour removed from his small intestine, has celiac disease,
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Celiac diet costly
Calgary Herald
Second, while she states “true gluten allergies are rare” it is now accepted that one-in-100 people in Canada is celiac — an estimated 340000 sufferers is
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Giving Up Gluten to Lose Weight? Not So Fast
Wall Street Journal
The bevy of new products, from gluten-free pasta to pizza and beer, are a boon to people with celiac disease, wheat allergies or gluten sensitivity who are
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Get your gluten-free (beer) on with Bard’s
Creative Loafing Tampa (blog)
The new brew on the block is not so much made for taste, but for people with Celiac disease (CDF). It is a condition, where in short, people cannot process
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Genome Study Finds 13 New Celiac Disease-associated Gene Markers
Nature Genetics celiac genome study Celiac.com 08/25/2010 – The revolution in genetic studies continues to drive discoveries about the genetic triggers for
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Celiac disease is on the rise
Private MD
Individuals who have ever had a bad reaction or experienced indigestion after eating a wheat, barley or rye product may benefit from celiac disease testing.
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