Gluten test strips available but pricey…

2G Pharma now offers a test for gluten in food and drink. According to their website: EZ Gluten Test Strip is a quick and easy to use test strips that detect gluten in most food and beverages down to 10ppm.

Basically, you take a sample of the food or drink and put in a test tube with a solution. You place the strip in the test tube and

Strips cost $19.99 CAD each but there are volume discounts for more than one test.

Has anyone tried this product? If so please post your feed back in our comment section below.

I can think of a few gluten questionable products I’d like to try it on.

2G Pharma is also known for their Biocard Celiac Home Test kit. The $50 CAD test detects Celiac associated IgA antibodies to transglutaminase from a fingertip blood sample. 1 drop of blood from the fingertip, and it can be carried out and evaluated in under 10 minutes. The sampling is practically painless.


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