New poll: How do you obtain your gluten-free bread?

By David Fowler

It’s a struggle for all Celiacs. How do you replace that nummy bread you were use to having? You buy one from the store, but it’s not the flavour you prefer, or you become suspicious of the ingredients of the package. You try baking it yourself, but mixing what seems like a gazillion flours together to substitute wheat flour seems more like advanced chemistry than baking. It’s enough to make one to give up on it entirely.

Tell us what you do via our poll on the side.

Our previous poll on anxiety and depression in Celiacs is now closed. If this unscientific poll is any indication, it seems that a majority of you suffer from it in addition to Celiac Disease.

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One thought on “New poll: How do you obtain your gluten-free bread?

  1. Either my wife or I bake my bread. I hope you all know that most bread machine manufacturers have tested recipes for their machines. If you need these simply phone the manufacturer , quote your model and they will forward them to you.
    it works for us Bill and Norma

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