Gluten-free school lunches

by Heather Quinn

I have found it challenging to come up with tasty, portable lunches for Kate that don’t need to be warmed up (as our daycare has been doing so far). My two most recent finds that will likely appear in many of her lunches are, O’Doughs Flax Buns, and Teff Tortilla wraps, both of which I found at Nature’s Fare recently. The Flax buns are surprisingly soft, don’t get dry or crumbly when kept out of the fridge, and they taste much better than others we have tried. The Teff tortilla wraps are also very useful, they are flexible, chewy and are easily rolled without cracking. For snacks we have been making muffins, or loafs (cornmeal/cinnamon raisin) and I am still working on baking a loaf of bread that is light and versatile and does not need to be toasted.

The next challenge will be to teach the new kindergarten teacher about Celiac Disease and what being gluten intolerant means for a child. The Canadian Celiac Association does publish a pamphlet designed specifically for teachers which I think will be useful, but really in the end it comes down to working together with the teacher and school to ensure that Kate can participate in all the school activities, snack times, class parties, just like all the rest of the children. It has been encouraging to see the variety of kid-friendly GF snacks, cereals, and baked goods that are becoming increasingly available locally. All of these foods, along with the increased media awareness of Celiac Disease help parents better manage their child’s gluten free diet.

Here’s a great recipe for GF Play Dough. You can also add a package of Kool Aid to the play dough for fun with colours and scents.

Gluten-Free Playdough

  • 1 cup less 1 tsp. Rice flour ½ cup salt
  • 2 tsp. Cream of Tartar 1 cup water
  • 1 tbsp oil
  1. Mix dry ingredients in a heavy pan.
  2. Add water, colouring and oil.
  3. Cook over medium heat until stiff and dry. Stir constantly 5-10 minutes.
  4. When dry to the touch turn out onto waxed paper and knead.
  5. Store in an air tight container or zip-lock bag.

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  1. i my self have celiac disease and it is very hard to live with but over a while you will get used to it like i am now!

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