Earl’s offers “Gluten Aware Menu”

I happened to be out at Kelowna’s Earl’s Kitchen and Bar across from the Sails in downtown Kelowna last week and was pleasantly surprised to find out they now offer a “Gluten Aware Menu”. I decided to do some more digging.

Melissa Pulsifer is the marketing and customer experience coordinator for Earl’s Restaurants.

David, please find attached our “Gluten Aware Menu.” We generally have not published the menu as it is subject to change and not all items are available at all locations or year round, however, it can act as a good guideline.

All of our chefs are trained to be aware of allergy needs and dietary restrictions. If our customers wish to call the head chef of the Earls restaurant in their area, he will be happy to answer specific questions about any menu items. We strongly encourage our guests to advise their server of their allergies and they will happily make any adjustments to accommodate your requirements.

Click to view Earl’s Gluten Aware Menu. (PDF)

Earl’s is to be congratulated for this first step to help it’s Celiac customers. Please do note that the menu is subject to change. The menu I saw at the Kelowna location, for example, was different from this one and did not have prices on it.


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