Subway tests gluten-free rolls and brownies

According to, Subway is testing a gluten-free roll and gluten-free brownie in Texas.

How to do they prevent gluten cross-contamination? Apparently the rolls and brownies are prepackaged and individually wrapped. The food server (aka sandwich artist) are mandated to cut the roll with a pre-wrapped knife and only to use it once.

Unlike their regular assembly line process, the same staffer handles the gluten-free order from beginning to end, so only one set of hands will touch the sandwich.

Let’s hope they find a market and and kick the cross-contamination problem.

No word yet on how much the rolls and brownies cost.

We await Jared to weight in on the taste!


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2 thoughts on “Subway tests gluten-free rolls and brownies

  1. I was in Texas last week visiting my Niece who works at Subway. I have an allergy to wheat, not celiac. But gluten free is good for me and she offered to make me a sandwich.
    I went back for more.
    They got the recepie for this bun right. I’m not sure what goes into it. It is a little more yellow than most breads. But it is light, fluffy and soft. None of the gritty texture that I am used to getting in wheat/gluten free baked products.
    I would really like to see this product up in Canada.
    Yeah, the brownie was pretty good too!


  2. I have a lot of family are ciliaces you would love to eat at Subway but due to no gluten free products they can’t. We are I Winnipeg, MB, Canada and would like to see Subway have gluten free subways. Thank you for your time. Sue Rae 🙂

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