Beer industry’s lobbying shelves new labeling laws

By David Fowler

According to the Montreal Gazette this morning, the beer lobby has managed to delay the allegen label law we have all been waiting for.  It may be as late as December before Health Canada finally publishes the new rules now 10 years in the making.

The new law would have required companies to identify known allergens, such as gluten, nuts, milk or sulphites.

The CCA appeared on our behalf yesterday to protest the delay but it fell on deaf ears.  This despite the findings of an Angus Reid poll commissioned by the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) and Anaphylaxis Canada that showed that  67 per cent of Canadians want the labeling rules to apply to all food and beverage companies including beer.

If you have ever wondered why you should join the CCA or renew your membership I can think of no better example.  We need experts who act on our behalf to educate themselves and inform decision makers of our issues.  As evident here, we are competing with powerful moneyed interests of the agri-food business.

Food for thought: I wonder how the beer industry will react in the coming months when media publish reports of severe illness or death that might have been averted if the new label laws had not been delayed?  Will they cover the extra health care costs borne by the health care system and by families that would have not occurred if the law was enacted?

Read the full article in the Montreal Gazette.

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  1. This is so sad that all this work has been done and one industery can derail all these efforts.

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