West Kootenay Celiac update

Six people attended the last West Kootenay Celiac meeting on January 11th. The next meeting is Tuesday March 8th at 7 pm, 333 Victoria St. Nelson. There are over 40 people on our email list.

Don suggests that for the next meeting, we ask everybody to bring four plain slices of their favorite bread cut into quarters = 16 pieces plus identification or recipe for it. We can then sample and decide what we like best. Several of us home-make bread, and it is always the most controversial food item. I think we all tend to think of bread as a single commodity, but each person has a different idea of what is “the best bread”.

Restaurant Info:

  • Jane has two chances to eat at the Lovin’ Oven (898 Victoria Street) in Trail this week. They are very knowledgeable people, formerly from Kelowna. Great food, great prices. Thanks Allison and Jordan Kulik
  • Karama Sushi is back in business!

Good sites from Nell:

Nourishing Meals

Living Well Recipes


Bob Mill info including Heart Month sale

Lakefront Breweries – New Grist Beer, is now in BC Liquor Stores

Finally, some more info on the labeling issue from  Quebec.

Dear Quebec Chapter CCA members,

I know you may have already received an email from our National office concerning this matter, but I urge you to please take a few minutes to respond and make a difference in the future of food labeling here in Canada. The is very important for all Celiacs and people with food allergies in general.

Listed below are a few links that offer you many options and/or different way to respond. All that I ask is that you make take just a few minutes that will impact the food we eat.

You may have seen on the weekend, several media outlets reported that the beer industry has come out in strong opposition to the proposed food allergen/gluten labeling regulatory changes in Canada. This opposition by a powerful private interest group threatens to derail final approval of the proposed changes by the federal government. Food allergy and celiac groups are deeply concerned with this development and that the regulations might not be passed.

Community stakeholders have been waiting for 2 1/2 years for these regulations to be enacted – and this is on top of the 10-year campaign for such changes that preceded it. The public good must take precedence over powerful private interests. The only way to counter the influence of the beer industry is to demonstrate the widespread public support for food labeling changes. We therefore seek your urgent assistance again.

1. Please call Prime Minister Stephen Harper office at (613) 992-4211 as soon as possible.

2. Please join Allergic Living’s write-in campaign: http://www.allergicliving.com/petitions/food-labelling/

3. Contact your Member of Parliament. Click here to find your local MP:


Please tell the Prime Minister and your MP that people with food allergies and celiac disease need clearer food labeling on all food packages and beverage labels. It’s a matter of life and death. And public safety is more important than private interests.

Here are the press releases from the allergy and celiac groups:


Further to this point, the Canadian Celiac Association writes today: “Health and Safety of Millions of Canadians at Stake over a Beer? Celiac Association urges Government to Pass Labelling Regulations”


I encourage all Canadians or anyone with friends in Canada to take action TODAY!!!

Thank you for helping us all eat safer and better,

Louise Pearl
President, Canadian Celiac Association
Quebec Chapter


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