Local gluten-free food distributor – Francine’s Finest Food

Another local option for those of us looking for gluten-free products: Francine’s Finest Food Products Inc.

Francine Burnett is the owner and her factory is located in Kelowna. She has been manufacturing, distributing a thorough gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian protein food line since 2004. She supplies about 100 outlets across Canada.

Burnett herself has 20 years of professional cooking experience, but it was her son that got her in to the business.

“When my son Jesse, who has been diagnosed with Autism, had to be on a gluten, wheat, and dairy free pre-diet protocol to support Chelation Therapy, at the time, a single working mother of two, I became aware of the difficulties associated with finding the time to prepare foods, as well as the great lack of ready to prepare foods available with-in the food market that do not contain some form of wheat, gluten, or dairy.”

“I decided to dedicate myself in providing various, tasty, “ready to cook” and “ready to eat” foods available with-in the mainstream supermarkets, and/or custom orders for people with Celiacs disease, Autism, Vegetarians, sport oriented, athletes and people with dietary concerns.”

For more information, click to see the product guide. (PDF)


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3 thoughts on “Local gluten-free food distributor – Francine’s Finest Food

  1. I had a tour of Francine’s Finest factory yesterday when I went to pick up an order in Kelowna. Yes, they allow pickups at their Kelowna factory!

    Very impressive!  Nice to see a local doing so well I the GF food industry.  

    Best wishes Francine!

  2. I need to order more bars. i have no info , can’t find it anywhere. could you please let me know where i can order. thanks


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