Help us update our gluten-free restaurant list

By David Fowler

The most popular section on our web site is “where to eat & shop”, listing the restaurants and stores we know to have gluten-free food items.

Marie Ablett is our intrepid “list master” and she’s currently updating the list.  Do you have a suggestion for the list?  Is a restaurant now closed?  If so, we’d appreciate your help.  Email list master Maire at and she’ll get it up to date.

A big thanks to AM 1150’s Jessica Samuels who just updated Marie with a slew of restaurants in downtown Kelowna.

We share our findings with which lists gluten-free restaurants in our area and throughout Canada.

Did you know that our entire web site is mobile friendly?  That means we show you a special version of our site that looks good when browsing on a cell phone or mobile devices like the iPod touch.  If you have a smart phone and data plan, you should bookmark this page so that you have all best gluten-free restaurants to check out while you are on the go.

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One thought on “Help us update our gluten-free restaurant list

  1. This suggestion for the list was made via email…

    I just wanted to let you know about a new place in town that I’ve having good luck with. It is Fresh Healthy Café: at 325 Main St. Penticton, BC V2A 5B7 TEL: 250-493-3333 FAX 250-493-3337 Email:

    They do gluten free wraps with the amaranth- millet ones commercially available, and will be extra diligent to avoid cross-contaimination if told that it is a “gluten allergy” rather than just gluten free (i.e. changing gloves). They also wrap them tight with paper so the gf wrap usually stays together until the last bit and the paper wrapping helps catch the bits that fall apart.

    They also have salads – most of their wraps could be eaten as a salad instead and just skip the wrap, but I like it because I can do this as a lunch on the run, one of those things that is hard when you can’t buy sandwiches for a fast meal.

    They have also said to let them know if there is anything else they can do to make this work for people who are gluten intolerant. One of their staff members has a celiac in the family.

    I have ordered in advance by phone and they especially appreciate gf orders before the busy lunch time rush because it makes it easier to avoid contamination issues when it is still quiet.

    I know this is a chain and there is one in Kelowna but if anyone has ever posted it, I didn’t pay attention because I’m not in Kelowna.

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