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Wednesday, June 1, 2011 is Tim Horton’s Camp Day! Camp Day is the one day a year when Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners across Canada and the United States donate every penny from coffee sales to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. In 2010, Camp Day raised more than $9.7 million.

To honour the occasion I thought we’d post a link to their allergy guide: http://www.timhortons.com/ca/pdf/TimHortonsAllergyChart.pdf 

See an older version of the list here.

Every time a guest buys a coffee at Tim Hortons on Camp Day they will help send more than 14,000 kids – who could otherwise not afford it – on the camping adventure of a lifetime. All children who attend one of the Foundation’s six camps are selected from within the communities where Tim Hortons Restaurants are located. Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners work closely with local youth organizations and schools to select children, between the ages of nine and 12, to attend a 10-day summer camp session or seven day winter camp session.

On Camp Day, guests can expect additional fundraising activities at many of their local Tim Hortons Restaurants. For example, funds are also raised at some Restaurants through a ‘Rent-a-Tent’ promotion where guests can personalize paper cut-out tents and post them in-restaurant for a donation. Other activities may include: indoor and outdoor games; silent auctions; face-painting; and drive-thru window washing. Some guests will invite special guests, including sports and media personalities, to greet guests and pour coffee throughout the day.


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7 thoughts on “Tim Hortons gluten-free product list

  1. It is a crying shame that Tim Hortons (STILL DOES NOT) sell a gluten free food product. I have sent 3 letters in the past year (Giving them a fare chance to come up with one) Like I have said in the past (IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE) Since Tim Hortons does not care, we have since gone to Star Bucks and they sell a Orange Cake that is fantastic. We have close to 400 employee’s at our plant, with 16 people that suffer from Celiac Disease. We have for the past 9 years bought our coffee and goodies from Tim Hortons (You do the math!!!) We will no longer spend one penny with you and Star Bucks is more than happy to deal with us, they even take orders from us with notice. Todays bill at Star Bucks was $541.31
    So once again…. Shame on you Tim Hortons!!! Remember this… with our employee’s at our plant (almost 400) wouldn’t it be a shame if every one of us just told 5 people????????
    Manuela Kopp

    • I am a celiac and I have had a tough time finding good safe food to eat. My son who is a red seal chef and has owned a restaurant in Abbotsford for 5 and a half years has developed, soups and sauces which are Gluten Free he also developed Gluten Free flatbread, perogies, pastas and apple fritters. It is all so good, and it tastes great you cannot tell its Gluten Free. If you are ever in the Abbotsford, BC area his restaurant is called Mitch Millers.

      • Valencia,

        Would your son be willing to share some of these recipes? I live in Utah and have been trying to make some things myself but they do not taste as good as some things I have bought, which are very expensive. Lately I have been having a hard time even getting out of bed to come to work. I just found out this year (2012) that I have Celiac. It would be great to have some recipies to try out. Thanks

      • cook.val@hotmail.com I cant share my sons but I can send you mine. Some of the easiest things to remember is for thickening use corn starch. I dont ever use white rice flour it is terrible. You can buy bobs red mill gluten free flour, it has a heavy urad taste so to diguise it add more brown rice flour and corn flour and vanilla or other flavours. Read your labels ie ive had reactions when learning as soy sauce, licorice, some jello, canned soups, sausages, weiners, most breads, buns baking all have wheat or barley in them. Hope this helps Val

  2. I have the same problem with trying to make things they do taste terrible I must add and buying the things is very expensiver and where I live which is Prince George, BC we are somewhat limited as to what we can buy. I must add the stores are getting better with bringing in products that are gluten free. I also am frustrated with Tim Hortons but I had no idea Starbucks has a Gluten free cake so will be going to try that this weekend. Hopefully they will sell it here. As for the canned soup Wolfgang Puck sells soup that is Gluten Free I buy it at London Drugs as it is the cheapest there. If you go onto Save On Foods Website they have a list of all the Gluten Free foods they carry as well as the foods that do not contain Gluten like Western Family Mustard things like that.

  3. It’s not a shame! The whole building is just covered from floor to ceiling with flour dust because they are a ‘bakery’ type place. Yes they have items on the list that don’t contain gluten but they can not guarantee anything IS gluten free due to cross contamination. I applaud them and only wish more businesses were like that. I’ve been diagnosed in the ’90’s so it’s nice that more places are selling gluten free items. However, it does need to be made in a special factory that does not process any ‘gluten’ items. I get severe rashes when I eat something that contains gluten, and I had a bad reaction after eating several items claiming to be gluten free (including a muffin that Star bucks sold that was marked gluten free) I no longer can trust places like that, unless it is in a completely sealed case and I know who the original ‘baker/maker’ is.

    The trouble I am finding nowadays is that ‘gluten free’ is also becoming a big fashion diet. Sadly people think they can lose weight easier and it’s healthier. While I agree this is true, I also think that this has prompted a lot of the higher companies to start producing ‘gluten free’ items in their factories which also produce many gluten items. Cleaning between productions is just not enough for some of us 😦

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