Where to eat and shop updated

By Debra Weissmann

I’m fairly new to the gluten-free lifestyle but I have found a couple of places that aren’t on your list that are great for folks like me. I suggest you try:

Abby's Spice and Teas Abby’s Spice and Teas on Kirschner near the Landmark buildings – The spices are freshly ground and the owner doesn’t put any additives into her blends which makes it a safe spot for folks with any allergy. www.abbyspiceandtea.com

Valoroso’s Foods on Sutherland Avenue at Burch – they have a selection of gluten-free pastas, a gluten-free Italian blend flour and they make a gluten-free pizza crust. Super friendly and they have way, way better prices on cheeses and deli meats. www.valorosofoods.com

Last but not least is the reasonably new Mexican/Salvadorian Restaurant – Latin Fiesta on Highway 33 in Rutland – they sell all sorts of Hispanic food supplies including probably the best corn tortilla’s in the Valley – super fresh and perfect for cooking with. They also sell a large variety of foods that are eatable right there because the majority of Hispanic cooking is with corn product. www.urbanspoon.com/r/85/1590825/restaurant/British-Columbia/Latin-Fiesta-Kelowna

I hope you can add these great establishments to the list and I appreciate your hard work at creating the list too!

Editors note: Thanks Debra! We have updated our list! If anyone else has suggestions, please send them our way.

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