Undiagnosed Gluten Intolerance May Be the Cause of Depression

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DepressionDespite a growing number of studies that show antidepressants to be no more effective than placebos, they remain one of the most frequently prescribed drug types in the U.S. Millions of Americans take antidepressants every day and yet are no closer to finding the actual cause of their depression or getting rid of it. At HealthNOW Medical Center, doctors have discovered that there are undiagnosed physical conditions behind depression which, when addressed, restore emotional health without dangerous drugs. One of the most common health problems behind depression is gluten intolerance, an umbrella term which includes celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, U.S. consumers spent more than $11 billion on antidepressants in 2010 alone. For many of these consumers, the antidepressants don’t work – a fact that is borne out by several scientific studies. The solution to this ineffectiveness, as offered by medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies, is to take an additional drug – usually an antipsychotic. As a result, 2010 saw another $1.4 billion spent on antipsychotics.

Despite this drug combination, the rates of depression continue to soar and millions of Americans continue to suffer from depression while taking drugs with serious side effects.

“The reason for this outrageous situation is that drug companies continue to push an incorrect diagnosis for depression on the public, and on medical doctors. They say it’s a ‘chemical imbalance’ or, in the case of those whose family members also suffer from depression, it’s ‘genetic’. In 20 years of practice, I have rarely seen a patient suffering from depression or anxiety who did not have an actual physical condition behind their mental and emotional problems,” said Dr. Vikki Petersen, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, author of the groundbreaking book “The Gluten Effect” and co-founder of HealthNOW Medical Center.

“In my experience, the most common causes behind depression are gluten intolerance, poor nutrition, adrenal exhaustion, and hormonal imbalance. At HealthNOW Medical Center, we thoroughly test each patient to find the root cause of their depression and, invariably, there is a real solution – one that gets rid of the depression while improving the person’s health, and without the need for dangerous drugs that do nothing more than attempt to relieve the symptoms.”

How does gluten intolerance cause depression?

According to Dr. Petersen, the nervous system is more commonly affected by gluten intolerance than any part of the body other than the digestive system. In a gluten intolerant person, the body reacts to the gluten protein as if it were a toxin: the immune system attacks the affected area of the body in an attempt to get rid of the protein or reduce its effect. However, the protein to which those with gluten intolerance are reacting is very similar to other proteins found in the body, including those in the brain. When the body confuses these proteins, the immune system attacks the brain and nervous system. This results in inflammation and irritation that, in turn, causes depression and anxiety.

“Millions of people could end their suffering if doctors simply examined them fully for all the possible physical factors behind the patient’s depression. Unfortunately, they are drug-oriented and more often than not drugs are their only solution. At HealthNOW Medical Center, we specialize in getting to the root cause of depression and other health problems so we can help the patient actually get better.”

Dr. Petersen has written an e-book which she offers free of charge to anyone who would like to investigate the possibility of gluten intolerance causing their depression or other health problem. For more information on depression and gluten intolerance, or to get a copy of the free e-book, visit HealthNOW Medical Center.

About HealthNOW Medical Center

HealthNOW is a unique medical clinic in Sunnyvale California that combines the best of internal medicine, clinical nutrition, naturopathy, physical therapy and chiropractic. The team of doctors from these disciplines proactively work together to resolve patients’ unique health problems and conditions. What really sets this medical center apart from most medical clinics highlights a very unfortunate fact about the medical industry, its emphasis on treating symptoms. HealthNOW is about what every medical clinic in the world should be: finding and fixing the root cause of health problems.

HealthNOW takes pride in being able to wean patients off drugs successfully by identifying the actual root cause of the problem. While dietary and nutritional factors are often causative agents, other contributing factors are identified and personalized for each patient through specialized lab tests to achieve a successful result. HealthNOW Medical Center treats patients from around the country as well as internationally. They created a “Destination Clinic” to cater to the needs of those visiting from out of state or out of the country.

Dr. Vikki Petersen, DC, CCN is co-founder of HealthNOW Medical Center and the author of “The Gluten Effect”. She has been featured in national magazines, international medical journals and is a frequent headlined speaker. She regularly blogs at Everyday Health, Celiac.com, Celiac Central and HealthNOW.


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