President’s Choice Gluten Free Cookie now available

By Sue Newell, National Office

If you are a fan of the Food Network’s Recipe to Riches television show, you know that last week Sonya Walos’ gluten-free “The Smart Cookie” is now in stores. The fact that the cookie was “gluten-free” was emphasized throughout the show.

A few people have already asked whether the cookie would be produced so that it was safe for people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, not just from naturally gluten-free ingredients. In response to an email, the CCA received this response:

Thank you for the inquiry on our new “Recipes to Riches” cookie product. The product labelling does indicate the product is gluten-free. To assure this claim, the product has been made under strict processing conditions. Every precaution has been taken to ensure no gluten containing ingredients are included and all possible cross contamination is eliminated and to meet Canadian regulations. Our supplier must meet a strict standard of operation including meeting general manufacturing practices for ingredient control, product handling practices, sanitation and training.

I’m looking forward to trying the cookies this weekend and I hope that the experience will encourage Loblaw’s and President’s Choice to produce more gluten-free products.

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One thought on “President’s Choice Gluten Free Cookie now available

  1. Well tonight, I had a real treat when visiting family for a birthday celebration; in lieu of the cake they gave me some of these cookies to try with icing! Let me tell you they were delicious. They tasted just like old fashioned home made chocolate chip cookies. These are the best gluten free cookies I have tried. I won’t even gluten free desserts because of the poor taste and to me it is really not worth the calories. This is named well, do try , ” The Smart Cookie”

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