CCA Starts Gluten-Free Certification Program

This summer the Canadian Celiac Association officially launched its Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) — an important and key step toward assuring that food labelled ‘gluten-free’ actually is!

Since the launch many companies have inquired and are in the process of examining if this voluntary market-driven program suits their needs. They will put their manufacturing processes to the test of CCA’s rigorous Food Safety Standards, and should they meet them they will be able to put CCA’s GF logo on their product and promote those products as gluten-free.
At the same time it is important that CCA raise awareness about the value of this mark to consumers purchasing GF products who want assurance that the product is safe when it comes to gluten content.

Getting the word out to consumers to “look for the mark” will encourage companies to consider this important voluntary certification program, providing you with the confidence that they understand your special dietary needs and
will communicate their support through the mark on their products and in their promotions.

Raising the awareness among consumers is critical to the success of this program! We turn to your generosity as a supporter of our ‘Right to Safe Food’ program and as a CCA donor to help us make our Mark in Canada.

Download Right to Safe Food Fall Campaign brochure to donate.


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