What do you think about CCA membership fees?

There’s been quite an interesting discussion on Facebook led by CCA national president Brian Benwell.

Brian started the conversation with a poll on CCA membership fees.

 To date there have been over 50 constructive comments on membership fees.  Here is a sampling:

Seaneen Sharples Wasch  The Calgary Chapter does a new member orientation I found well worth the $50 fee. I got great hand outs and a “bible” of foods listed alphabetically (which to buy is about $20) *and* I got great tips and leads from the people at thetable about new bakeries that had opened, or products that were good to try.

I find I get the best info from other people who are GF, and sometimes the best place to find those people is through the CCA.
Betty Varto Membership in the CCA is for — advocacy for GF issues in government food policy especially around labelling, support for research, and dissemination of accurate information to those with celiac disease. Membership meetings are not availible to all due to the vastness of our country – but newsletters generated by the CCA and their various chapters are available and are a valuable and trusted source of information for those with celiac disease. They are wise to stay away from supporting the numberous websites boasting help for celiacs — postings can be hearsay and inaccurate. However I do enjoy finding out where I can find celiac friendly establishments — but don’t we always take a chance when buying food or eating out??
Ivy Warren So agree with all the comments on the benefits of membership. If evereyone had this knowledge and how it makes their lives better from an ongoing perspective (labelling for example) more may join and continue to renew membership. I think the challenge is promoting the benefits. As with the post above referring to fees, a $50 initial membership fee is acceptable as it includes the membership welcome kit and have a reduced renewal fee… $ 35 – $40 as a suggestion. Also… it was years before I realized the membership was for our household and only thought of myself as a member (daughter was 9 when diagonised shortly after me), although Terri-Lynn has now “flown the nest” to a large degree (university) and holds her own membership.
Even if you aren’t on Facebook, check out the National CCA Facebook page to read the full conversation.
For local issues, see our Southern BC CCA Facebook page.

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