Nonuttin goes soy free!

Nonuttin’ is going soy free!  Nonuttin’ produces popular gluten-free bars in Duncan.  They’ll now be free of the top 10 allergens in Canada.

Here’s the press release…

Soy has been very helpful for many food allergic consumers as a high protein replacement for nuts. However, many customers have contacted us or spoken to us at trade shows about their increasing allergies or intolerance to soy. Soy is known to be cross-reactive for those with peanut allergies and Celiac Disease.

After carefully reviewing these requests and scouring the planet high and low for high quality ingredient replacements, the decision was made to transition away from soybeans and soy lecithin.

Throughout March, we will continue to package the soybean based Energy Explosion trail mix in both 30 g snack packs and black zip top pouches.

April 1, 2012, we will begin our transition by removing the dry roasted soybeans from our production floor. All Energy Explosion trail mix finished packages will remain in our facility and be sold on a first come, first served basis until all stock is depleted.

Once the production facility has all soybeans removed, soy allergen testing protocols will be implemented so that some Nonuttin’ products will have the May contain: soy absent from their labels.

Soy lecithin will remain in the facility (present in our chocolate chips and chunks) until we finish using the packaging that indicates contains or may contain: soy. While soy lecithin is suitable for many with soy allergies, it is not guaranteed risk free and it is prudent to continue labeling all products that are on lines with chocolate until the change is complete.

I expect that the finished transition to a completely soy free facility will be completed in 2013 and we will keep you up to date when that final date is determined.

Our staff thanks you in advance for your patience with the transition. We’re very excited to become free of ALL of the top 10 food allergens!


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