Printable downtown Kelowna gluten-free map!

New!  Just in time for the Kelowna 2012 conference, Ellen Bayens from has produced a terrific  gluten-free restaurant map of the downtown area for next week’s Kelowna conference.

The map shows all the gluten-free restaurants within walking distance of downtown.

Click to download a PDF version

We’ll have these printed versions available at the conference registration desk.

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2 thoughts on “Printable downtown Kelowna gluten-free map!

  1. Dawett is NOT gluten free whatsoever!!!
    I worked for this family for over a year, and can testify that the food will hurt you! They use many additives that include gluten, besides major cross-contamination. I addressed this with the owner, Gurvinder Momi. No changes have been made.
    I have since moved to Poppadoms, where their menu has been specifically customized for gluten free and celiac diners via gluten free consultant. Do not encourage your conference guests to go to Dawett. They will get sick. Please contact me for more information. Thank you.

  2. The Celiac Scene and the Kelowna Chapter appreciate this feedback and take such concerns seriously, particularly from former employees who may enjoy a unique perspective on a given restaurant’s practices. As such, I have just spoken to the manager at Dawett about the ingredients he uses in his dishes ; whether gluten is used on the premises and if so, what precautions are in place to minimize or prevent cross-contamination. Mr. Mac indicated that the single gluten-containing item used on site are the naan breads. They are mixed and rolled at the start of the day, ahead of all other prepared foods, in an area separate from the regular food-prep. Surfaces are then wiped down, hands washed, aprons changed and then regular production begins. All other foods are made from scratch, seasoned with pure spices and herbs. Servers clearly advise all GF diners that they should avoid the naan and that should they have concerns about chickpea flour, that they should also avoid the samosas. The samosas are the single item on the menu that is prepared in the deep fryer so there is no risk of cross contamination with gluten should you wish to partake of the chickpea samosas. While Mr. Mac was distressed to learn about the comments above; he was very grateful for the opportunity to share his practices with me and would be pleased to review them with any and all diners. Ultimately, it is up to each one of us to articulate our needs and then make an informed decision on the whether or not to partake. For a list of Celiac-Friendly conversation starters (with emphasis on the friendly!), please visit Should you have any questions for The Celiac Scene, or would like to winner dinner at your favorite celiac-friendly restaurant, look for the Smart Car at Booth #1 at Grand Hotel Conference Centre this Friday and Saturday!

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