Minutes of meeting September 9, 2012


Kelowna Chapter

Date:  September 9, 2012


There were 21 people (17 members) in attendance at today’s meeting. Irene Thompson thanked everybody for the potluck lunch.

Secretary’s Report:  Rachel Richardson read highlights from the May 2012 meeting minutes. Irene said that she had received a letter from Mavis Molloy, saying thank you for the recognition and the presentation that was done for her at the May conference.

Treasurer’s Report:  Ann Paterson read her report. Our total financial position as of the end of August 31, 2012 was $28,211.07. We cleared just over $6,000.00 from the conference. Some money may go back to National as a donation.

President’s Report:  Irene Thompson said that she recently sold her baking business; she can still bake bread to sell at our meetings. Please phone her before the meetings to order bread, so that she will know how many loaves to bring.

We are looking for volunteers for an upcoming event at the Save-on-Foods in the Orchard Plaza. There will be a GF display and demos from September 14-20, 2012. We need people to sit at a table from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. each day. We will have a display board, pamphlets, and GF information sheets. Marie Ablett will have a sign-up sheet for people who are able to help.

Moyra Baxter has done some work on our chapter bylaws. We will vote on the new bylaws after the elections at our AGM in November 2012. David will put the information on the website. The number of people we need for a quorum at a meeting is under discussion. The suggested number is 10%, which would be 16 or 17 people. Moyra has paper copies of the bylaws available for those that don’t have computers. Thank you to Moyra for all of her hard work.

Moyra is on the nominating committee; anybody else that is interested can join her. Moyra gave us some information about the executive positions. Irene and Ann will continue on in their positions; we will need a new vice-president and secretary. For committees, we need somebody for awareness, membership, and publicity. Jodie Stevens, who does supplies, may not be able to continue. We also need somebody to help with the room set-up. Dave and Joan Maddison volunteered to come early to meetings to put up tables and chairs.

Vice President’s Report:  Eleanore Beattie was not able to attend today.

Newsletter:  Please let Marie know if you change your e-mail address. Marie is saving money by being able to e-mail so many newsletters now; otherwise it costs $2.50 for each mailed newsletter. Marie is generating money from the ads as well. Make sure to read the information about the new labeling laws in the most recent newsletter.

Hospitality:  Shae and Jason McCormick were not able to attend today’s meeting – thank you to those who helped to fill in.

Membership/Supplies:  There are 169 members in the chapter, but it seems that a lot of people are not renewing. We need to get the message out how our membership fees are supporting National with things such as research and the new labeling laws. There were 280 people at the conference; Moyra thanked those who helped out at the registration table. Irene thanked Moyra for all of her work with registration (unfortunately National was not able to help out with registration, as was originally thought). Moyra said that new members receive information about the tax rebate.

Help-line:  We are still receiving calls from people.

Product Information:  Nora Eaves is the new person in this position. There are some new magazines with information about the GF diet.

New Business:  Irene moved that we send David Fowler to the Mississauga conference as a thank you for all of his work with our conference. The cost would be about $1,600.00, and the funds could come out of the money we made on the conference. Susan Dawson seconded; all were in favour. Julia Brown thanked us for putting on the conference.

Next Meeting:  November 4, 2012; and the Christmas dinner will be on December 2, 2012.

Susan Dawson moved that the meeting be adjourned, Marilyn Harman seconded; all were in favour.


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