Should I call the company?

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gluten cross-contamination When the CCA published instructions on how to read an ingredient list now that the new labelling regulations have come into effect, we received a few messages from people who wanted to know why we did not include instructions to call the company to ask about possible contact with gluten during manufacturing or packaging. Some members were very upset that our instructions did not include that step.

The CCA does not advocate calling manufacturers to inquire about possible contact with gluten during manufacturing, except for flour products. In the last two years we have published a few articles describing concerns about possible gluten contamination of grains that are naturally gluten free during the milling process or gluten contamination of baked goods made in bakeries that also baked with wheat flour.

What about other products? Should you call the manufacturer about ketchup? Sausages? Chocolate bars? Lunch meat? Potato chips? Soup? Is gluten contamination during manufacturing a common problem? If you call a manufacturer, will you get useful information about the risks? Is it possible to make gluten-free products on shared equipment or in plants that use wheat products? Will the companies give you the information you need to make that decision? What information do you need to make the decision? Do the new labelling regulations change anything?

There are lots of questions to ask, but are there answers to these questions? This article begins an ongoing series trying to find the answers you need and will be published for members only in our regular email out.


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