Today is International Celiac Day

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World_Flags_websizeThis year, on 16 May we celebrate our first International Celiac Day with celiac societies worldwide organising events to raise awareness of celiac disease.

In Germany, the DZG kick off celebrations in Hannover on 11 May with a large event expected to attract over 3,000 visitors.

The Swiss celiac society IZG is organising events all throughout the month of May.

In the UK, celiac  UK has several events during their Awareness Week 13-19 May.

In Finland, the celiac  society Keliakialiitto is holding the Celiac  2013 Expo between 17-18 May.

Our member society in Croatia, Hrvatsko Drustvo za Celijakiju, has been holding awareness-raising events over the past week, for example manning a stand in the main square of Zagreb and sharing information on the work of their association. On 16 May an event called “Celiac disease – often unrecognized disease” is being held at their Celiac centre and on Saturday 18 May their members are being treated to a barbecue in celebration of International Celiac Day.

In Spain, celiac society La Federación de Asociaciones de Celiacos de España-FACE and their local groups are organising a series of awareness-raising events. The Celíacs de Catalunya-SMAP will be holding awareness-raising events in October.

The Latvian celiac society Dzive bez glutena is organising a Celiac March on May 19, named “I cannot eat what you eat”. Members will be dressed in yellow t-shirts with a crossed grain symbol and name of their society. They will proceed through streets of the busy restaurant area in the Old Town of Riga, going from one restaurant and distributing brochures. On 16 May a press is being sent to the Restaurant association and in connection with the Riga Marathon on May 19 the society’s members will be working the crowd of spectators. The society already has plans for next year when they are considering joining this Marathon with a Celiac Run within the City of Riga.

In Hungary, the celiac society Lisztérzékenyek Érdekképviseletének Országos Egyesülete is holding their GA on 18 May. The official programme runs until 1pm, followed by a Family Day starting at 2pm with an event ‘Let’s bake together – glutenfree’. Families are invited to prepare their best gluten-free recipes for pizzas, fruit cakes or savoury biscuits. Some of their local groups will be organising their events towards the end of May- early June.

Coeliac New Zealand is holding an Awareness Week between 26 May – 1 June.

The Canadian Celiac Association will be acknowledging the International Celiac Day on 16 May.

In Belgium, Société Belge de la Cœliaquie organised a gluten-free fair on 4 May and have a press release appearing in several daily newspapers.

The Coeliac Society of Ireland have planned a series of events starting on 16 May, including several information sessions.

Svenska Celiakiforbundet, the Swedish celiac society has organised a GLMS day on 15 May. GLMS stands for gluten-free, lactose-free, milk-free and soya-free. Some of their local societies have been in contact with schools in their surrounding areas and asked them to serve free from dishes on the day.

Our Member society in Luxembourg, Association Luxembourgeoise des Intolérants au Gluten (A.L.I.G.) is holding an Information Day on 9 June 2013.

Udruzenje Srbije za Celijakiju in Serbia is holding the following events:18 May – a talk on “Celiac disease, gluten-free diet challenges” and on May 25 a lecture on “I WANT TO KNOW”.

In Greece, the Hellenic Coeliac Society participated at a workshop organised by the Hellenic Food Authority on celiac  disease and gluten free products with a presentation on “Gluten-free diet in daily life”. They issued press releases with information on celiac  disease and designed their own Facebook profile image for International Celiac Day.


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