Gluten-Free Pizzas not necessarily for Celiacs

canadian-2-for-1-disclaimerMany pizza restaurants are jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon, offering “gluten-free” crusts.  As businesses they are trying to capitalize on the gluten-free trend by many non-Celiacs.

For Celiacs, we’d like to offer some advice: read the fine print.  Know what you are getting. Don’t assume that so called “gluten-free” pizza is in fact free of gluten.

Many pizza restaurants can’t guarantee gluten-free due to cross contamination.  Others characterize their gluten-free pizza as a “low-gluten option”.

Thanks to Moyra Baxter who sent us this disclaimer from Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza.  We tip our hats to responsible restaurants like Canadian 2 for 1 who warn Celiacs of cross contamination issues.


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2 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Pizzas not necessarily for Celiacs

  1. There is often gluten in pepperoni and other sausages, as well…so it’s a good idea to ask. But nothing is ever “100% gluten-free” unless you are ordering from a dedicated 100% gluten-free restaurant.

  2. Panago also warns of cross contamination. And ONE time a Dominos employee notified me that a topping I chose wasn’t gluten free, but the other times I ordered the same thing, no one has mentioned it. (I am not intolerant, I choose to eliminate wheat)

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