6% of Canadians deserve the right to safe food!

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Every week the CCA receives requests for help from people with celiac disease who are having problems obtaining safe food. They come from people in nursing homes, hospitals, university residences, retirement homes or even jail.

Parents are concerned about schools and daycares meeting their children’s needs. Some people may be using Meals on Wheels or community food banks, while others may be receiving social assistance and not have enough money to purchase gluten-free  staples.

The causes of these problems are complex, including lack of knowledge about how to prepare safe gluten-free food, lack of awareness about the needs of people with celiac disease, and  lack of a legal obligation to provide safe food. Solving these issues  will require complex efforts as well.

What other group could possibly take on this huge issue except the CCA?

If you have ever wondered why you should be a member of the CCA, then this initiative should help to answer that question because this project is meaningful for each and every one of us with celiac disease in Canada. This is what our mission statement is all about; this is why we exist.

One day, we will all find ourselves in a position where someone else is in charge of feeding us. I may be in a retirement home; you may be in a hospital; your son or daughter may not be properly accommodated at school. Wouldn’t it be great if we could truly rely on our institutions to help us when we need it?


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