Tis the season to renew your membership

renew in the CCABy David E. Fowler

With 2014 upon us I hope that you’ll consider renewing your membership in the Canadian Celiac Association.

After having been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and pretty much getting the whole gluten-free thing figured out you maybe tempted to think, “hey I’ll save the $50 and not renew.”


While you may have the gluten-free diet figured out and the CCA isn’t going to mail you a Celiac guide as we do for new members, the CCA carries on valuable advocacy work that you and perhaps your genetic children directly benefit from.

For example:

  • After a decade of work, the CCA managed this year to get better food labeling and disclosure of all sources of gluten in foods.
  • Government recognition of extra costs and time involved in eating gluten-free on as a medical expense on your taxes
  • Safety, availability and enrichment of gluten-free products
  • Public awareness and understanding to make living gluten-free easier and safer
  • Medical awareness to ensure early diagnosis, and optimal continuum of care

The Gluten Free Certification program started last year is another tangible example of how the CCA remains relevant long after you have the gluten-free diet figured out.

Click to renew online

Click to join for the first time.

Have a great new year everyone!

David E. Fowler


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