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By David Fowler

When we first started our gluten-free restaurant list, hardly any local restaurants provided gluten-free options or adhered to proper kitchen practices to ensure a Celiac-friendly environment.

With the multitude of restaurant options now available, it is no longer difficult for Celiacs to find at least a few gluten-free dishes at most restaurants.  As our chapter of the CCA is 100% volunteer run, it’s challenging for volunteers to keep up with the ever-changing list.

If you are looking for a gluten-free restaurant in our area we recommend the following questions with the dining establishment.


Gluten-Free Dining Questions

gluten-free questionsCommunication
• What recommendations are made to diners asking for a gluten-free meal?
• How are kitchen staff alerted to a gluten-free order?

• What ingredients will be used to make my order?
• How are ingredients confirmed to be really gluten free? Says so on labels? • Checked product website?
Called the manufacturer? • Checked with the CCA?
• Could gluten-free ingredients / toppings become contaminated while they are waiting to be used?
• Are pure spices vs prepared seasonings or soy sauce used in making my meal?
• Are deep fried items cooked in oil that has been used to deep fry breaded, battered gluten food items?
• How are sauces and dressings thickened? Do they contain malt vinegar?

• Are hands washed / gloves & apron changed before or in between preparing regular food?
• Are all utensils used in preparing my food free from traces of gluten? • Separate or scrubbed frying pan?
Griddle scrubbed clean of residue ? • Dedicated gluten-free pots, colanders, cutting boards?
• Will my food be prepared in an area separate from the regular flow of the kitchen?
• What other precautions are taken to minimize / prevent cross contamination?

Pizzas Places & Mixed Bakeries
• Are gluten-free crusts prepared on site or pre-purchased?
• Are fresh sauces / ingredients used for gluten-free pizzas? Or are ingredients from the regular prep line used?
• Are gluten-free pizzas prepared in a separate area? If not, how is the area prepped to be gluten-free?
• Could the finished product become contaminated with gluten while waiting to be served?
• How do servers / kitchen staff / delivery persons double check that an order is gluten-free?

• What prompted your restaurant’s interest in serving the gluten free?
• Has your restaurant received input from the local Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association? A dietitian?
Someone familiar with celiac disease and the gluten-free diet?
• Do you or a staff member have celiac disease? On a gluten-free diet?
• Have you ever had a complaint about a gluten-free meal? What was done to prevent it from reoccurring?

We’d like to thank Marie Ablett for her many years of dedication in the preparation of our list.  We’d further like to thank Ellen Baynes of the Celiac Scene for the tips above.


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