Wellness Meeting Recap

By Mary Hicks

gluten-free bbqWe had a good Wellness meeting Thursday April 23 at the Capri Health Centre. We discussed ideas for Summer BBQing. Our Wellness meetings are generally well attended and people attending value the information sharing and comradely, in fact, so much so that we have scheduled a May meeting on the 28th. Please mark your calendars. Everyone is asked to bring their favorite summer recipe.   If you don’t have a recipe, come anyway and you will get one to try!

Suggestions for safe BBQing that were discussed included:

  • Watch for cross contamination – in food prep, on the grill, on the cutting board, in the condiments
  • Educate the cooks
  • A brilliant idea that Julia had was to use a piece of foil to BBQ your own patty or steak on.
  • Use a squirt bottles for condiments
  • Have a spoon in the relish
  • Assign a younger member of the group to “police” the condiment table
  • Offer to host – this allows for more control (are we control freaks?? – yes!)
  • Take your own meat or entrée
  • Take a hearty salad such as pasta or quinoa so you have something safe to fill up on if necessary

We talked about a multitude of other subjects including safe and delicious restaurants, ideas for reducing costs of GF living, and recipe ideas. If these sound of interest to you please join us at one of our meetings. Questions about our meetings – just call me 250-717-3639

Happy BBQing season!

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