New book: A New Kind of Normal

Several years ago, author Bev Smit’s health decided to go on a long walk. Its destination is unknown, but it is still walking. She noticed that she did not feel well after eating, so she started to investigate the complex relationship between the foods she ate eat and the way she felt. She started a series of experiments with her own diet and saw immediate improvement when she removed common culprits such as gluten, dairy, yeast, sugars and soy from her food choices. But as liberating as this information was, she was bored with the limited choices these restrictions presented.

As a true food lover, she didn’t find plain rice and carrots all that satisfying. She started a personal quest for food that was not only good for her but tasted good as well. This was the beginning of her long journey to A New Kind of Normal.

This guide represents the culmination of her independent research. She covers the basics of nutrition, including the roles that carbohydrates, calories, fats and protein have on the body. She also provides a simple meal plan for those seeking to follow a balanced, healthy, gluten-free lifestyle. The recipes she includes are easy to make and completely adaptable to a variety of dietary restrictions. She proves that it doesn’t necessarily take a medical degree to know a bit more about how the human body works.

Smit was born and raised in Victoria and now lives just a few hours north of where she was born. Until illness forced her retirement, she ran her own sewing shop for twenty years. For more details visit: