New poll: Do you suffer from anxiety/depression in addition to Celiac Disease?

According to the study Affective and psychiatric disorders in celiac disease, growing evidence suggests the association between Celiac Disease and affective and psychiatric disorders.  The disorders could be the expression of an organic disease rather than primary psychiatric illnesses.

Among patients examined by the study, key finders were:

  • 1379 (84.1%) showed state anxiety
  • 1098 (67%) showed trait anxiety
  • 442 (27%) showed current depression
  • The number of gastrointestinal diseases was directly correlated to state anxiety (p < 0.001) and trait anxiety (p = 0.04).
  • Females showed higher levels of anxiety and depression than males (p < 0.001).
  • State anxiety was related to food allergies (p < 0.001), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) (p = 0.001), Hp infection (p = 0.01) and ulcerative colitis in active phase (p = 0.03).
  • Trait anxiety was related to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) (p < 0.001), Helicobacter pylori (Hp) infection (p = 0.001), food allergies (p = 0.001) and SIBO (p = 0.001).
  • Current depression was related to IBS (p < 0.001) and coeliac disease (p = 0.01), SIBO (p = 0.02).

Therefore, for this poll, we are asking, do you suffer from anxiety/depression in addition to Celiac Disease?

As for our previous probiotics poll, seems that a majority of respondents are taking them.  Probiotic bacteria have been shown to digest gluten proteins to harmless peptides.