YMCA Camp Meets Needs of Celiac Kids

silver lake camp peachlandFor you parents out there wondering about “safe” gluten-free overnight summer camps for your kids, I’d like to share with you a recent positive experience with our 8 year daughter.

We honestly didn’t think we’d be able to give Annika a real “away from home” camp experience unless we signed her up for a special Celiac camp such as the one coming up by Calgary Chapter, the Rod McDaniel Celiac Kids Camp.

That’s when a neighbour mentioned the YMCA Camp at Silver Lake. Silver Lake Camp is a 20 minute drive from downtown Peachland or 45 minutes from downtown Kelowna. (Map and driving directions)

We spoke to the director on the phone and felt comfortable with their meal preparation procedures.  The camp of course also caters to other allergies such as nuts, lactose, soy, corn, etc. When the camp was all over, Annika was jubilant and did not suffer any “glutening”.  She did mention lack of variety, in the veggies, fruits and GF bread meals she was offered, but felt the trade off was more than worth it.  We can imagine the challenges the chef has meeting the requirements of the various campers.

Kudos, and thanks to the Okanagan YMCA.

For more information, contact

Registration Office
Kelowna Family YMCA
375 Hartman Road
Kelowna, BC
T: 250-491-YMCA (9622)
F: 250-765-7962
E: silverlake@ymcaokanagan.ca

OR http://www.ymcaokanagan.ca/silverlake/