Study finds gluten in unlabeled “natural” products

LotionsMany of the world’s preeminent gastroenterologists have convened this week for the American College of Gastroenterology’s (ACG) 76th Annual Scientific Meeting at the Gaylord National Hotel and Conference Center at the National Harbor to review the latest scientific advances in gastrointestinal research, treatment of digestive diseases and clinical practice management.

The main Celiac news from the meeting concerns a George Washington University study. It found that the lack of readily available information about cosmetic ingredients has caused Celiacs to unknowingly expose themselves to gluten. The study, prompted in part by a patient case, where a 28-year old woman experienced exacerbation of her celiac symptoms after using a body lotion advertised as “natural,” focused on the top 10 cosmetic companies in the United States in order to evaluate the availability of information about cosmetic ingredients and the accessibility of gluten-free products. The packaging of beauty products rarely provides gluten information.