Free e-Book – Beyond Your Gluten Free Diet: 4 Steps to a Better Life with Celiac Disease

Beyond Your  Gluten Free Diet: 4 Steps to a Better Life  with Celiac DiseaseThere is yet another free e-book for new Celiacs “Beyond Your Gluten Free Diet: 4 Steps to a Better Life with Celiac Disease”.

Says one reviewer “I find the information in this book to be very helpful for anyone who has just been diagnosed as well as to those that have been diagnosed for many years.”

The 26 page e-book is put out by Eagle Therapeutics, makers of CeliAct, gluten-free supplements for Celiacs.

You can get the free PDF e-Book by visiting

On another note, another new children’s book about a child with Celiac is out “Adam’s Gluten Free Surprise”  Author Debbie Simpson writes:

With continued increase in celiac awareness, there has been (thankfully) an increase in proper diagnosis and thus an increase in children requiring a gluten free diet in our classrooms. As a teacher and as a person who has been involved in celiac awareness and support for several years, I am excited to share information about my book with you and your support group. While this is a children’s book that offers children with special diets a positive role model, its bigger purpose is to educate the adult who reads it.

My #1 goal for this book this summer has been to get it in the hands of teachers. As a teacher, I understand those first weeks of a new school year – busy! But it is important to get the point across about the strict needs associated with a gluten free diet. This book offers a simple, effective, and friendly way to create the needed understanding. I’ve been told over and over that this book is the resource I intended it to be – and more, actually. The branch manager of GIG Shoreline East recently purchased several copies from me and will be personally delivering them to local schools. They used funds to purchase a variety of celiac related children’s books to share with local libraries and schools. What an amazing use of support group funds! I wanted to share their idea with you with the hope that more groups would do the same, thus benefitting local children who require a gluten free diet.

For more information about the book you can visit: or Amazon   (Note: Amazon offers nearly the first half of the book as a free preview.)