Gluten-Free Easter Food

Courtesy Sue Newell, CCA National Office

hot-cross-bunEaster traditions vary greatly from family to family, and many of the traditions involve foods that are naturally gluten free (ham, lamb, seasonal vegetables) so it was a bit of a challenge to come up with something appropriate for this month. Perhaps one of these will call your name.

Hot Cross Buns

Here are 20 recipes for hot cross buns . All the recipes are gluten free, some are also dairy and egg free and one recipe is even free of gluten, grain, dairy, refined sugar and appropriate for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD).

Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped potatoes are frequently served for Easter dinner. This recipe adds shredded Swiss cheese to make them especially creamy.

In my family, we often use left over ham in a potato and ham scallop. This recipe uses an easy Bechamel recipe (white sauce) that can also be used for casseroles or pasta sauces. Just add mushrooms or celery or chicken, depending on the type of “cream of” soup your recipe calls for.

Flourless Cake

I think this flourless chocolate cake torte might make it to our dining table this Easter. The story that goes with the recipe made me smile. This is the time of the year when you see Passover recipes that are frequently gluten free. Remember that matzoh meal is not gluten free, even when it appears in a Kosher for Passover recipe.

Leftover Asparagus Cookies

In my family, we joke about having leftover asparagus cookies this time of year. If you make a traditional Hollandaise Sauce for your asparagus, you only use the egg yolks. Cookies made with the leftover whites are obviously leftover asparagus cookies.

There are many recipes for meringue cookies around, but here are a couple of options that break from tradition: Brown Sugar Meringue Cookies, Festive Meringue Cookies (colour them for Easter) or No Carb Meringue Cookies.

Have some fun!

If you are looking for something fun for the kids this weekend, how about some Rice Krispies treats made with Gluten-Free Rice Krispies. Here are a few ideas: Robin’s Egg Nest Treats or Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats.