Gluten-free cookie and cake baking workshop

Learn to Bake… gluten-free!

When: Saturday, February 19th 2011, 10 am – 3pm
Venue: East Kelowna- at the home of Okanagan Gluten Free Consulting (a celiac-friendly kitchen)

Come and learn the stress-free way to make delicious gluten-free cakes and cookies for every occasion. Sponsored by Nature’s Fare Markets, this interactive class will help demystify the process of gluten-free baking, and help you to produce top-quality treats at home.

Hosted by Angela Petrie of Okanagan Gluten-Free Consulting and gluten-free pastry cook Elana Westers, participants will leave with a good understanding of gluten-free flours, starches and baking techniques, the ability to convert classic recipes to gluten-free, and a selection of gourmet cookies and cakes to enjoy with friends and family throughout the week.

All participants will receive a 10% off voucher for Nature’s Fare products, and a chance to win a hamper of gluten-free specialty foods provided by Nature’s Fare!

Class size is limited to 10 people to ensure individual attention.

Cost: $110 (includes HST, materials, and a light gluten-free lunch). Gift Certificates are available.

For more information, or to book your place on this workshop please contact Elana Westers (organizer) at Sustainworks Ventures: (250) 470-2610 or email:

Gluten-free Christmas baking workshop

There are few gifts more heart-warming than a gift of home-made Christmas goodies. Come and learn the stress-free way to make delicious Christmas treats for your friends and family on our gluten-free Christmas baking course.

Whether baking for friends and family or baking for yourself, you’ll be introduced to flours and techniques that will help demystify the process of gluten-free baking, and help you produce top-quality treats, no matter the season.

Hosted by Angela Petrie of Okanagan Gluten Free Consulting and gluten-free pastry cook Elana Westers, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of baking while having your questions answered about living a gluten-free or dairy-free lifestyle.

Workshop Overview:

  • Get hands-on and help bake delicious Christmas classics – all made gluten-free in a celiac friendly kitchen
  • Learn how to adapt existing recipes, by exploring a range of gluten free flours and starches, and how to combine them to get the results you want
  • Learn the secrets behind baking chemistry, and the properties of common baking ingredients including substitutions for eggs, dairy and sugar

Everyone will leave with a tray of yummy Christmas treats for all the family to enjoy. Desserts covered on the course may include brandied fruit and streusel bars, hazelnut chocolate orange biscotti, chewy ginger cookies, and apple almond puddings with a spiced vanilla cream.

To book a place on the course, or to request more information, please contact Elana at / tel: (250)470-2610 or Angela at / tel: (250) 863-8123.

Download the PDF flyer for the workshop.

Profile: Elana Westers Gluten-Free Cook

Elana Westers is an enthusiastic home cook from the Central Okanagan.  Her passion for both (growing) local produce and making gluten-free food can be seen in the variety of innovative and fun recipes posted weekly on her blog Garden to Ganache.

Garden to Ganache was created in August 2008. Elana, 30, spent the past 7 years living, studying, and working in the UK and travelling around the world. She is attempting self-sufficiency in her kitchen garden where organic, fun and practical produce grows to fuel her cooking experiments.

Garden to Ganache shares this journey from the sweetness of freshly picked produce to gluten-free baking, recording the experiments, sources of inspiration, thoughts, gardening tips, and recipes along the way.

Her final year living in the UK, following a few years of feeding her hungry renewable energy work colleagues, Elana felt the urge to expand her self-taught cooking skills, thus she spent the weekends away from her day job ‘volunteering’ at a top London restaurant, where cooking with pastry she learned new techniques, cooked with vanilla bean on a more frequent basis (smile), and was eventually paid to help cater events for up to 200 people. From that point on she was hooked- on food, on gardening, and on chocolate.

Elana will be teaching workshops on gluten-free baking and on sustainable, local food production starting in March 2010; for further information contact or call 250-470-2610

Visit her blog at