40 attend AGM Sunday

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Approximately 40 attended our regular November potluck and AGM Sunday.

Thanks to Rachael Richardson and Moyra Baxter for their past service and terms ended on the executive. Congratulations and welcome to Jennie Johnson who now takes on both the VP and Membership portfolios. The other executive positions remain the same, although we are still looking for someone to help with supplies as well as publicity and awareness. Please contact President Irene Thompson for more information if you are interested in helping us out!

A big thank you to Moyra Baxter who ran the meeting and took the initiative to oversee an update to our Chapter bylaws. (Click for the updated Chapter Bylaws.)

We also confirmed our 2013 meeting dates:

  • March 3rd – potluck
  • May 5th – potluck
  • June 2 – barbecue/pizza party
  • Sept 15 3rd – potluck
  • Nov 3/ – potluck
  • Dec 1st – Christmas dinner

Our next event is Christmas dinner Sunday December 2nd at the Winfield Seniors Activity Centre.  Doors open at 12:00 noon with dinner about 1 pm.

  • Children 5 and under – free
  • Children 6 to 16 years – $7.00
  • Adults – $25.00
  • Non members – $30.00

Please mail your cheque payment to:

Kelowna Chapter of Canadian Celiac Association
P.O. Box 21031, Orchard Park
Kelowna, B.C.
V1Y 9N8

President’s Message – Executive Positions Available

by Irene Thompson, Kelowna Chapter President

Greetings everyone!

What a great fall we are having! I was away in Manitoba for a week and when I returned the landscape had changed. I just love all the vibrant colors of fall. Mind you I may not enjoy raking all those leaves when they come down.

While waiting for a flight to come home I wanted to find something to eat usually bacon and eggs as they are usually safe. At the Calgary Airport I went into a restaurant called Chili’s Texas Grill and yes they did have bacon and eggs great I would be able to eat. I was getting hungry as it was 11:30 am and I had not eaten anything before I left. I told the server what I wanted and he informed me that that item was only served till 11:00 am. I explained that I could not eat any of the other item on the menus because I had a gluten allergy to my surprise he informed me that they had a gluten free menu. I had the most wonderful meal of a great chicken salad and would you believe French fries. I guess the lesson was that we all need to ask if a gluten free menu is available.

Elections will be the focus of our meeting November 4th.  Moyra Baxter is looking after this for us and will be in charge of the process. We will need members to step forward and take on the positions that are open. These are:


All other positions are also open to anyone that wishes to put their name forward. I ask that you please consider filling any of the above positions so that we will have a strong chapter.

The Christmas dinner is also coming up we will have signup sheets for this at the meeting.

Irene Thompson

Notice of Annual General Meeting and Elections
According to the Current Bylaws, the Annual General Meeting of the Kelowna Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association will take place at the November Meeting.

Elections will take place for the Executive Board. This year all positions are up for election/re-election.  Elections will therefore take place for the following positions (each for a two year term):

  • President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Irene Thompson and Ann Paterson have agreed to stand again for the positions of President and Treasurer.
  • The current Vice-president and Secretary have indicated that they will not run again for their positions.
  • All other support positions are not elected, but are on a volunteer basis with no term attached to their position.
  • These include: Newsletter Editor, Hospitality, Membership, Help-Line, Product Information, Webmaster, Resources and Supplies, Awareness and Publicity.
  • The following support positions will need to be filled by the Executive:
    • Membership Coordinator; Resources and Supplies Coordinator; Awareness; and Publicity.

If any member wishes to receive more information regarding any of the vacant Executive positions, please contact Moyra Baxter, moyrabaxter@shaw.ca or 250.767.6153, as she will conduct the Elections at the November Annual General Meeting.

Help wanted – apply within!

Our volunteer executive has an opening for a membership coordinator…

Membership Coordinator Responsibilities

A more detailed Job Description is available. The following is an outline.

1.  To keep up to date lists of all active Kelowna Chapter members.

  • This information is received by email from the National Canadian Celiac Association Office:
    • Bi-Weekly Report
      • New members listed nationally by Chapter
    • Quarterly Report includes
      • Current member list
      • Inactive member list
      • New member list
  • Up to date information may also be accessed through a computer “remote connection” to National’s database.
  • A confidentiality agreement must be signed with National, as the information received from National must be used in an appropriate manner.

2. To send out welcome letters to all new members, either by email or by regular mail.

3. To provide the Chapter Newsletter Editor with updated lists of members, to be used expressly for the distribution of newsletters and other Chapter information.

4.  To report the Membership numbers to the Executive and at Regular Meetings, and also through the Chapter Newsletter.

5.  To provide names of members to the Satellite Groups so they can contact those members regarding local meetings.

6.  Most new and renewal memberships go straight to the National Office.  Some come directly to the Membership Coordinator.  If it is convenient to process them locally, and deliver a New Member’s Package to them directly, there is a process which is to be followed.  Have Membership Forms and Packages available at the Potluck lunches and Meetings.

7.  Confirm that there is a Quorum of members at meetings where votes will take place.

8.  To attend Executive Meetings, held at the call of the President.


In addition to membership coordinator we are also looking for volunteers for the following executive positions:

  • Supplies

  • Awareness

  • Publicity

Questions?  Interested in volunteering?  Please email Chapter President Irene Thompson at rithomp@telus.net

Christmas Party Photos

Thanks to our newsletter editor, M. Marie (Loyst) Ablett, we have some photos from our Christmas party, November 29th.

Special thanks to our hard working executive who cooked about 50 members a delightful gluten free dinner.

The kids who attended enjoyed the GF food and each got a gift.

Congratulations to Kathy Post, a newly diagnosed member, who won the basket from Choices Market at the Christmas Dinner. 

Do you have more photos  from the party?  Email them to david@rosarnach.com for inclusion here. 

We’ll post more photos from our other events on an ongoing basis now that we have our new website.