Happy Cow Gluten-Free Cafe opens in Peachland!

By Wendy Rose

At the Happy Cow we are proud to offer you dairy and gluten-free fresh baked healthy choices. We also have a wide variety of raw or ‘whole’ foods that we create right here in our kitchen.

Early Riser? Come on in and start your day with a coffee, espresso or a latte. Fresh muffins, cookies and other goodies are always available.

We have healthy heart choices for lunch too! Fresh made soups, salads, pitas and dip, energy wraps and daily sandwich specials. Try our wheat-less raw pizza. (some people travel for miles for this!)

For your catering needs we have a wide assortment of dips, crackers, kale chips, nori rolls, and of course, specials of the week.

We are working towards making all of our products gluten-free. Currently we only carry gluten-free flour and ingredients, we have no regular flours in house.

Our spices are gluten-free and we use Bragg’s as our soy sauce. We do not deep-fry. We use ground flax to thicken sauces if needed. Our work area has two sink locations for proper washing of hands and equipment, gloves and aprons are also used.

We currently make gluten-free muffins every morning, Monday to Saturday We now bake a selection of gluten-free cookies, shortbread, almond butter, chocolate quinoa, buckwheat and gingersnap, baked every other day. With our new oven we are now making gluten-free bread on Monday and Thursday mornings (700g loaves, plain or cinnamon raisin, working on a savory one) and we hope to have dinner buns and hamburger buns perfected in the upcoming weeks. For Thanksgiving we are taking orders for gluten-free Apple or Pumpkin pies or just the shells themselves, as well as gluten-free croutons for stuffing.

I am a baker’s daughter from birth and have been around small and large commercial bakeries all my life. Our little cafe here in Peachland has slowly evolved into this specialized niche in the market and now with a better oven, we hope to expand our product line.

We have a Registered Holistic Nutritionist on site to guide us. Our clientle is slowly growing as word spreads, my staff and I (3 others) are not gluten sensitive but we have found through our efforts that not only do our products look delicious… they taste delicious too! So it has become our passion!

We are open:

Monday to Friday 6 am to 9 pm
Saturday 7 am to 4 pm
Sunday 11 am to 3 pm

Our hours do vary during holiday times. Please call ahead to make sure we’re here!

Happy Cow Gluten-Free Cafe
50 – 5500 Clements Crescent in the Peachland Centre Mall (next to the Peachland Fitness Club)